Buddhism: A List of References in the New York Public Library

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Página 42 - Archaeological Survey of Western India. Vol. III. Report on the Antiquities in the Bidar and Aurungabad Districts in the Territory of HH the Nizam of Haidarabad, being the result of the Third Season's Operations of the Archaeological Survey of Western India. 1875-1876. By JAMES BURGESS, FRGS, MRAS, Membre de la Societe Asiatique, &c., Archaeological Surveyor and Reporter to Government, Western India.
Página 3 - THE LIFE OR LEGEND OF GAUDAMA, THE BUDDHA OF THE BURMESE. With Annotations. The Ways to Neibban, and Notice on the Phongyies or Burmese Monks. BY THE RIGHT REV.
Página 50 - RELIGION IN CHINA; containing a brief Account of the Three Religions of the Chinese; with Observations on the Prospects of Christian Conversion amongst that People.
Página 12 - Buddhaghosha's Parables. Translated from Burmese. By Captain T. Rogers. With an introduction, containing Buddha's Dhammapada, or "Path of Virtue", translated from Pali, by F.
Página 29 - ALABASTER.— THE WHEEL OF THE LAW : Buddhism illustrated from Siamese Sources by the Modern Buddhist, a Life of Buddha, and an Account of the Phra Bat. By Henry Alabaster, Esq., Interpreter of Her Majesty's Consulate-General in Siam.
Página 42 - The Stupa of Bharhut. A Buddhist Monument. Ornamented with numerous Sculptures illustrative of Buddhist Legend and History in the Third Century BC By ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, CSI, CIE, Major-General, Royal Engineers (Bengal Retired) ; Director-General Archaeological Survey of India.
Página 17 - Mémoire analytique sur la carte de l'Asie centrale et de l'Inde, construite d'après le Si-yu-ki (Mémoires sur les contrées occidentales) et les autres relations chinoises des premiers siècles de notre ère, pour les voyages de Hiouen-Thsang dans l'Inde, depuis l'année 629 jusqu'en 645.
Página 50 - The Catechism of the Shamans; or, the Laws and Regulations of the Priesthood of Buddha, in China.
Página 18 - BUDDHIST BIRTH STORIES; or, Jataka Tales. The oldest Collection of Folk-Lore extant : being the Jatakatthavannana, for the first time edited in the original Pali, by V. Fausboll, and translated by TW Rhys Davids. Translation. Vol. I. Pp. cxvi. and 348. 1880. 18s. THE CLASSICAL POETRY OF THE JAPANESE. By Basil Chamberlain, Author of

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