Buddy's Tail

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Katharine Russell, Apr 8, 2011 - Pets
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Buddy Boutonniere, a big-hearted Standard Poodle, subsists in the bare backyard of a tract home in the desert city of Yucca Dunes. MacKenzie, a Border Collie, and Javier, a Chihuahua, provide Buddy with companionship and bring him food scraps when his neglectful owners forget to provide for him.When Buddy's owners decide to move, Buddy meets a wonderful lady who visits his house with prospective buyers. The poodle's humans try to sell their dog and Buddy goes through a series of unsuitable living situations. The final family returns Buddy to the tract home not realizing the owners are out of town. His only lifeline, MacKenzie, is killed by an evil Hummer driver while bringing him food. Tiny Javier tries to support Buddy with the aid of Dumb Derek, a Rottweiler whose brain is damaged from years of guarding a chemical dump. The two are unable to help the poodle.Buddy dies, but is brought back to life by Sonny, the Good Shepherd. Sonny grants Buddy's wish to go live with the wonderful lady, in return for his promise to go with Sonny when he comes back for him. Buddy has a happy life with the lady and her dog, Skootch. Together they rescue abandoned Leroy and abused Roxanne. Years later, during Skootch's fifteenth birthday party, Sonny comes for Buddy. True to his word, he goes without complaint.Sonny takes Buddy to Haven, the canine paradise, where he is reunited with MacKenzie. Sonny explains the rules in Haven; dogs acquire free will and give up their role of caring for humans. Their only responsibility is to help guide other dogs to Haven. Buddy excels at guiding, but on a mission to bring back a bomb dog from Afghanistan, Buddy breaks the rule and helps a human, the dog's Marine partner. The residents of Haven are furious with the poodle and he is exiled to the perimeter of paradise. There he meets a young girl who has died of cancer and befriends her, another infraction of the rules. He is dragged before the communal tribunal, where MacKenzie defends him. With the help of the marine and the girl, MacKenzie convinces the judges that Buddy is not an offender, but a hero.Buddy's story teaches young readers about the bonds of love and friendship, the role of free will in building character, the importance of responsibility in our lives, especially as it relates to animal welfare, and the acceptance of death as part of life's journey for ourselves and our pets.Parents, teachers and kids can find additional mateiral at http://www.buddystail.comDog characters by Ron Ruelle http://www.ronruelle.com

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Reviewed by Lori M for Readers Favorite
Author K. Anne Russell had me hooked from the very beginning when Chapter 1 started out narrated by a dog and I realized that the story was going to be told
from a dog’s point of view. The author must have a great sense of humor, because I chuckled when MacKenzie, the dog that tells the story, describes his Chihuahua friend Javier as “a little guy who had a crusader’s heart in a chili pepper package.” Hilarious! I found the story engaging and feel that it contains some great lessons that children will learn and a story line that they will enjoy. Russell dedicates this book to the United States Marine Corps Military Working dogs and their handlers.
"Buddy’s Tail" is about a dog named Buddy Boutonniere, a white standard poodle, who gets neglected and then left behind by his animal owners. He makes friends with the alley dogs who have learned to fend for themselves, to find food and rely on each other for protection. This story is inspirational, but not without its sad parts, such as Buddy’s best friend being hit by a car and killed and Buddy himself then dying. But Buddy is greeted by “The Good Shepherd,” a dog who grants him one wish. Buddy’s wish is to live, just once, with a family who really does love him and take care of him. I don’t want to spoil the rest of the book for you, so you’ll just need to read it and you’ll really want to because it is a great little read.

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Reviewed by Joy H. for Readers Favorite
“Buddy’s Tail” is written through the eyes of Buddy, a standard poodle. Because of several different circumstances in his life, Buddy was neglected and left
to live on his own. There begins Buddy’s journey with his canine friends that will love him no matter what. These furry friends watched out for each other, made sure their needs were met, and just ran and played with each other, being good friends throughout their life. The dogs went through a lot of difficult situations, but again, they were always there for each other. You will have fun as you read their story, about their friendships, and later on, how some of their lives come to an end.
You know, as I was reading this book, I kept forgetting that it was canines talking to canines, and not people talking to people. To me, it takes a special unique author to be able to do this to readers. I thoroughly enjoyed Kath Russell’s story of Buddy and his friends. With canine character that you have to fall in love with throughout the book, vivid details of the area in the southwest the story was set in, and the conversations of the dogs, it is difficult to put this book down. And I had to laugh when one dog would warn the other one not to pee on the furniture, or poop on a certain bush, or hike his leg up at a certain place. This is a great chapter book for young readers who love their canine friends. I don’t recommend it to the very young because of the death of some of the dogs, but for the 3rd or 4th grade and up, I highly recommend it.

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K. Anne Russell is the children's book pen name of Katharine A. Russell. She wrote the coming-of-age novel “Deed So” and authored “A Pointed Death,” a Pointer Mystery Series title, under her mystery writer pseudonym, Kath Russell.

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