Buffalo Medical Journal, Volume 2

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Page 202 - I see before me the gladiator lie : He leans upon his hand ; his manly brow Consents to death, but conquers agony, And his drooped head sinks gradually low ; And through his side the last drops, ebbing slow From the red gash, fall heavy, one by one, Like the first of a thunder-shower ; and now The arena swims around him ; he is gone, Ere ceased the inhuman shout which hailed the wretch who won.
Page 691 - HOLLAND. A COUNTRY that draws fifty foot of water, In which men live, as in the hold of Nature ; And when the sea does in upon them break, And drown a province, does but spring a leak...
Page 97 - Also to teach students that no systematic or theoretical classification of diseases, or of therapeutic agents, ever yet promulgated, is true, or anything like the truth, and that none can be adopted as a safe guide in practice.
Page 500 - PRETTY. AIDS DURING LABOUR, including the Administration of Chloroform, the Management of Placenta and Post-partum Haemorrhage. Fcap. 8vo.
Page 356 - The doctor, on coming in, discovered the intrusion ; but not suffering himself to express all he felt on the occasion, took his friend by the arm, and having led him to the most sacred spot in the room, said — " Mr. P., do you see that furnace'" " I do." "Then make a profound bow to it, for as this is the first time, it will also be the last time, of your seeing it.
Page 96 - To make every effort, not merely to destroy the prevalent system of giving a vast quantity and variety of unnecessary and useless drugs, — to say the least of them, — but to encourage extreme simplicity in the prescription of medicines that seem to be requisite. " Our system is here greatly and radically wrong.
Page 474 - Upon coming to himself he said he had had a " first rale dream — very quiet," he said, " and had dreamed of Napoleon — had not the slightest consciousness of pain — the time liad seemed long ;" and he left the chair, feeling no uneasiness of any kind, and evidently in a high state of admiration. The pupils were dilated during the state of unconsciousness, and the pulse rose from 130 to 142.
Page 474 - The next patient was a healthy-looking, middle-aged1 woman, who inhaled the vapor for four minutes; in the course of the next two minutes a back tooth was extracted, and the patient continued smiling in her sleep for three minutes more. Pulse 120, not affected at the moment of the operation, but smaller during sleep. Upon coming to herself, she exclaimed that " it was beautiful — she dreamed of being at home — it seemed as if she had been gone a month.
Page 95 - 1. To endeavor to ascertain, much more precisely than has been done hitherto, the natural course and event of diseases, when uninterrupted by artificial interference; in other words, to attempt to establish a true natural history of human diseases. " 2. To reconsider and study afresh the physiological and curative effects of all our therapeutic agents, with a view to obtain more positive results than we now possess.
Page 97 - ... to introduce a more comprehensive and philosophical system of Nosology, at least in chronic diseases, whereby the practitioner may be led less to consider the name of a disease, or some one symptom or some one local affection in a disease, than the disease itself — that is, the whole of the derangements existing in the body, and which it is his object to remove, if possible. " 16. To teach teachers to teach the rising generation of medical men, that it is infinitely more practical to be master...

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