Building Scalable and High-performance Java Web Applications Using J2EE Technology

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Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002 - Computers - 392 pages
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This book shows how to build scalable web applications. It takes an end-to-end perspective and focuses on how developers can use the current set of high-performance Java technologies (servlets, EJB, CORBA, JDBC) to reach that goal. The uniqueness of the book is its most salient feature: the focus on achieving application scalability with an end-to-end perspective. "End-to-end perspective," means that the book shows a sample web application end-to-end, the whole thing. This book is a reference for web engineers that are implementing high-end e-commerce solutions. Commerce on the Internet faces unique challenges, one of which is scalability - the ability for a system to handle large numbers of users, large amounts of data, and high levels of simultaneous requests (such as a million bank transfers per hour) without degrading noticeably in performance. That is the problem area for which this book provides solutions.
-- Target market is growing. They now understand the technology and need to write difficult large applications.
-- Barish is sn up-and-coming innovator.. He has created a successful start-up company, worked at Oracle, and is now getting his Ph.D. in computer science at USC.
-- Scalable web applications, servlets, JSPs, JDBC, EJB.
-- This shows how you put all these technologies together and still achieve high-performance web scalability.

This timely book helps developers keep up with it all -- and takes them to the next level beyond just programming techniques. Expertly showing how to build and maintain fast and scalable applications is the target. Many books cover specific technologies (e.g. Java servlets); in contrast, this book shows how to command the bigpicture and how to integraate everything to build powerful, fast, and scalable web applications.

Scalable and high-performance web applications, Java, application architecture, J2EE, scalability and performance techniques, HTTP client/server communication, web-based request processing, servlets, session management, javabeans, application middleware, databases.

Web engineers and Java developers and programmers wanting to take their services to the next level.


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Scalable and HighPerformance Web Applications
Web Application Architecture
The J2EE Specification
Scalability and Performance Techniques
HTTP ClientServer Communication
Request Processing
Session Management with Java Servlets
Building Application Servers with Enterprise JavaBeans
Messaging for Efficient Enterprise Application Integration
Effective Database Design
Using JDBC and SQL to Query Databases Efficiently
Web Services The Future of Web Applications
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Greg Barish is a consultant specializing in the design of and architecture for scalable and high-performance Web applications. He has held engineering positions at both Oracle and at Healtheon/WebMD, where he was primarily involved in the design and implementation of object-oriented, distributed application systems. Mr. Barish earned a B.S. in cognitive science from UCLA and an M.S. in computer science from the University of Southern California.


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