Building Wealth in a Paycheck-to-Paycheck World

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Mcgraw-hill, Aug 17, 2004 - Business & Economics - 204 pages
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Suze Orman taught us about the emotional side of our money. David Bach reached out to "smart women," speaking to their unique needs and fears. Robert Kiyosaki showed us how the rich think, and encouraged us to do likewise. Now, Paul Petillo has created a book that speaks directly to that great mass of people - lower, middle, and upper-class - who are caught in the "paycheck-to-paycheck" cycle. These people don't have "multiple streams of income"; it makes no difference to them that the government upped the ceiling on IRA contributions because they've got nothing left to contribute; and the consolation of writing off big stock market losses does nothing for them, because all their stock is in their 401(k).; This book is for those who don't want to know how the rich handle their money, because they know the rules of the rich don't apply to them. In a word, this book is for us. But we have found a champion in Paul Petillo. Five years ago he created a Web site called The Blue Collar Dollar, with the goal of offering straight, safe, simple money advice to people who didn't have a lot of it to spare ... or to lose. The Blue Collar Dollar now gets one million visitors each year, and Paul has also created a syndicated column called The Blue Money Report that's used by thousands of financial planners and investment advisers as content for their own Web sites. Now Paul is repackaging the advice he's been offering online to millions into a book that will teach people not to be afraid to take responsibility for their own financial future.; The book will introduce the concept of "the Blue Class". Formerly known as the working class, or middle class, being Blue Class simply means you "need" to work. The job may be enjoyable. It may suck. But to have shelter, to have food, to have pleasures, you need to work. Because of their enormous responsibilities, coupled with their increased financial burdens, this group has a much greater need for safe wealth-building strategies than those who can afford to lose money in the market, or who may even prefer to do so to gain the tax benefit. The book is a comprehensive tour of all the financial information and strategies one should be aware of in order to enjoy life in the present while also building a secure future.; There will be chapters on all the major components of a balanced financial plan, including mutual funds, bonds, real estate, and annuities; tools to help readers track their debt, and create a plan for staying out of it; and finally, road maps to saving for college, for a home, and for retirement. In addition, in keeping with his "finance for the common man" approach, Paul will examine and debunk some of the myths, misconceptions, and negative emotional attachments that keep people from making the most of their financial situations.

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About the author (2004)

Paul Petillo (Portland, OR) is a butcher by trade, but his true passion is helping ordinary people master their finances and achieve their goals. He is known throughout the Internet finance community for his savvy insights and remarkable counsel.

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