Building a Life of Value: Timeless Wisdom to Inspire and Empower Us

Values of the Wise, 2005 - 289 pàgines
How Do Your Build a Meaningful Life? More than just a book of quotations, this book is a fusion of great thinking from classical to contemporary, from philosophical to poetic. It is a concert of voices, harmoniously blended by Jason Merchey and his thought-provoking essays. It will stimulate your thinking, energize your spirit, and deepen your understanding of human nature. It presents progressive ideals at their best - humane, humanistic, and high-minded. Consider it your shaman, your oracle, your foundation, your blueprint for truly building a life of value. With these ideas we can improve ourselves, our planet, and our future.

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THREE FulfillmentMeaning Optimism
of the Absurd
FIVE CreativityIngenuity Vision
THIRTEEN Strength Courage

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