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Page 100 - Every dwelling and every part thereof shall be kept clean and shall also be kept free from any accumulation of dirt, filth, rubbish, garbage or 'other matter in or on the same, or in the yards, courts, passages, areas or alleys connected with or belonging to the same.
Page 37 - ... shaft and court a door giving sufficient access to such shaft or court to enable it to be properly cleaned out: Provided, That where there is already a window giving proper access, it shall be deemed sufficient. In all multiple dwellings of class "b...
Page 1 - Every employer and every owner of a place of employment or a public building now or hereafter constructed shall so construct, repair or maintain such place of employment or public building, and every architect shall so prepare the plans for the construction of such place of employment or public building, as to render the same safe.
Page 77 - All stage scenery, curtains and decorations made of combustible material, and all woodwork on or about the stage, shall be painted or saturated with some non-combustible material, or otherwise rendered safe against fire...
Page 53 - Order 5311. Recesses. Recesses for water, sewer or other pipes shall not be deeper than one-third the thickness of the wall and the recesses around such pipes shall be filled up with solid masonry for a space of one foot at the top and bottom of each story.
Page 2 - public building" as used in sections 2304-41 to 23!)4-71 shall mean and include any structure used in whole or in part as a place of resort, assemblage, lodging, trade, traffic, occupancy, or use by the public, or by three or more tenants.
Page 65 - ... at night, and at the head and foot of each flight of stairs, and at the intersection of all hallways with main corridors, shall be kept during the night a red light...
Page 99 - REPAIRS.—Every tenement house and all the parts thereof shall be kept in good repair, and the roof shall be kept so as not to leak, and all rain water shall be so drained and conveyed therefrom as to prevent its dripping on to the ground or causing dampness in the walls, ceilings, yards or areas.
Page 38 - Order 5257. Floor. The floor and base of every toilet room shall be constructed of material (other than wood) which does not readily absorb moisture and which can be easily cleaned...
Page 2 - ... fail, neglect or refuse to obey any lawful order given or made by the commission, or any judgment or decree made by any court in connection with the provisions of this act, for each such violation, failure or refusal such employer...

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