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This collection of articles and blog entries is representative of the full spectrum of commerce-related content we’ve published on PayPal’s Developer Network over the past year. You will find tutorials and quick reference pieces for developers. With the creation of x.commerce we have expanded our coverage to address the needs of eBay and Magento developers and you can expect to see more content focused on helping both the developer and merchant communities in the coming year.

Our team has covered a wide variety of topics including building mobile shopping carts, QR codes, working with various PayPal APIs, including how to integrate PayPal with other technologies such as WordPress. Three main themes have emerged in the commerce world today: Mobile, Social, and Local. Expect to see more coverage of these in the coming months.


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Chapter 3 Analyzing Open Data for Fun and Profit? Part 1
Getting the World Bank Data
Loading the Data into MySQL
Downloading Google Visualization Tools
Configuring a Visualization Web App with Tomcat
Implementing and Querying a SQL Data Source
Next Steps
Chapter 4 Analyzing Open Data for Fun and Profit? Part 2
Breaking Silos
Defining Local
The Evolution of Local
Share Your Thoughts
The Evolution of Social
A Final Note on Social Media
Share Your Thoughts

Creating an EventDriven Line Chart Application
Next Steps
Until Next Time
Chapter 5 Analyzing Open Data for Fun and Profit? Part 3
Dollars and Sense
Adaptive Payments Configuration
VRupees for Graphs
Generating a Pay Key with the AdaptivePayments API
Kickstart the Embedded Payments Flow
Handling Payment Responses
Wrapping Up
Chapter 6 Build an MLM Engine with Neo4j and MassPay Part 1
MLMs Are Graphs
The Design and Implementation of an MLM Engine
Traversing the Graph to Compute Commissions
Wrapping Things Up
Chapter 7 Build an MLM Engine with Neo4j and MassPay Part 2
Defining the Class
Authentication and API Resolution
Making the Call
Putting It All Together
Chapter 8 Getting Started with PayPal on Django
Running the Sample Application
A Basic Payment Workflow
Further Enhancements
Further Information and Other Resources
Chapter 9 Accelerate Your Development Using the Apigee API Console
APIs Available to You in the Console
Using the Console
Linking Calls Together
Other Apigee Consoles You Might Want to Check Out
Accelerate Your Own Development
Chapter 10 Interview with iConcessionStand
About the Author
How to Install Magento
Server Requirements
Download Extract and Upload
Set Up Permissions
Creating the Database
Run the Setup Wizard
Verify the Installation
Next Steps
How to Set Up Your Magento Store
Adding a Product in your Magento Store
Wrapping Up
About the Author
Accepting PayPal Payments
How to Accept Payments with PayPal in Magento
Wrapping Up
Integrating Magento and WordPress Using the FishPig Extension
Wrapping Up
The Evolution of Mobile
Stay Tuned
Share Your Thoughts
The Convergence
First A Look at the Data
What Does This Mean for the Future of Local Social and Mobile?
Share Your Thoughts
Chapter 19 To Catch a Quantum Thief
The Downside
Bad News
Hacking Accelerated
Game Changer
5 to 10
Chapter 20 10 Best Practices for Employing QR Codes
Size Matters the Bigger the Better
Short Is Sweet
Location Matters
Know Why Youre Using It
Make It Count
A Little Goes a Long Way
Tell People How to Use It
Provide an Alternative
Respect the Border
Bring the Wow
Features and Getting Started
WordPress Documentation
Installing WordPress
First Steps After Installation
Coming Next Time
PayPal Plugins
Plugin Recommendations
PayPal Plugins
Plugin Learnings and Where Theyll Take Us
Build Your Own PayPal Plugin
Understanding The Loop
The Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin
PayPal Functionality in Our Plugin
Deploying and Testing the Plugin
Things to Learn from This WordPress Series
Chapter 24 Crowd Marketing
Making a Good Fire
What Happened?
Life Ahead Is eBay Without Having to Ship Stock from the Attic
Let Them Buy Wholesale and Distribute
Fans Friends Launchpads and New Markets
About the Author
Money Without Governments
Acquiring and Storing Bitcoins
Using and Accepting Bitcoins
Threats and Opportunities
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