Building the Congregation: A Study of Appeals

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Methodist Book Concern, 1919 - Church public relations - 63 pages
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Page 37 - It was not much, but enough to convince me that the soldier, and in this case the soldier means the workingman, does not in the least connect the things that he really believes in with Christianity. He thinks that Christianity consists in believing the Bible and setting up to be better than your neighbors. By believing the Bible he means believing that Jonah was swallowed by the whale. By setting up to be better than your neighbors...
Page 38 - This is surely nothing short of tragedy. Here were men who believed absolutely in the Christian virtues of unselfishness, generosity, charity, and humility, without ever connecting them in their minds with Christ; and at the same time what they did associate with Christianity was just on a par with the formalism and smug self-righteousness which Christ spent His whole life in trying to destroy.
Page 38 - ... religion. They remonstrated with their hearers for not saying their prayers, and not coming to Communion, and not being afraid to die without making their peace with God. They did not grasp that the men really had deep-seated beliefs in goodness, and that the only reason why they did not pray and go to Communion was that they never connected the goodness in which they believed with the God in Whom the chaplains said they ought to believe.
Page 38 - I am certain that if the chaplain wants to be understood and to win their sympathy he must begin by showing them that Christianity is the explanation and the justification and the triumph of all that they do now really believe in. He must start by making their religion articulate in a way which they will recognize.
Page 23 - ... bailiffs, have plenty of leisure to read scientific books, and make chemical experiments, but it is wholly out of the power of working farmers, who in fact can do nothing more than trust to the advice of any respectable chemist whom they happen to have an opportunity of consulting'.
Page 52 - Taking the table as it stands, the various instincts and interests there represented stand in their order of strength in so far as they may serve as the basis of appeal in business transactions, regardless of the commodity concerned. But it is obvious that not all of these appeals can be used in the case of any single commodity. Thus "Appetizing Qualities...
Page 53 - ... products. The table, nevertheless, affords an approximate statement of the relative strength of available appeals for any given commodity. It is only necessary to begin at the top of the list and select the first appeal which could be applied to the description of the commodity in question. This will then constitute the strongest appeal which can be made in the interest of the commodity. The next in the list which would apply appropriately would be the next strongest, etc. Adams, writing somewhat...
Page 56 - Give them the best thing you can, the heritage of a good name. You will find our services very helpful in securing that character which must be back of every good name. Let us help you thro our services on Sunday.
Page 52 - ... assertion of the manufacturer, and on a set of specific and more or less social feelings and interests, such as sympathy for others (not family), courtesy, invitation, elegance, hospitality, sport, cheapness, etc. The characteristic of these appeals is that they do not relevantly describe the article but try to connect the article with some specific instinct or effective conception. And these appeals are distinctly less personal, more social, than those of the first group. "In the third section,...
Page 32 - Finally, it stands for subjection; — that highest subjection of the one will to the many; of that subordination of our own dominant desire to the spirit and will of God, represented by the spirit and will of the majority. For the voice of the people is in a real sense the voice of God, whether we recognize it or not. O my beloved Sorosis, you are the core of my heart! What have I said but that you represent an ideal of life and character, and that each member should hold herself responsible for...

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