U.S. Government Printing Office, 1917

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Σελίδα i - Pension systems in Great Britain. Raymond W. Sies. 10 cts. •No. 35. A list of books suited to a high-school library. 15 cts. •No. 36. Report on the work of the Bureau of Education for the natives of Alaska, 1911-12.
Σελίδα 72 - School as the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering of the University of Toronto.
Σελίδα 20 - Statement of the Commissioner of education to the Secretary of the interior for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1916.
Σελίδα 11 - The State board of education, consisting of the superintendent of public instruction, the secretary of state, and the attorney general, owes its origin to the State constitution and its institution to an act approved March 20, 1877.
Σελίδα i - Kingsley. 15 cts. *No. 8. The status of rural education in the United States. AC Monahan.
Σελίδα 23 - Trades" is one of the 25 sections of the report of the Education Survey of Cleveland conducted by the Survey Committee of the Cleveland Foundation in 1915.
Σελίδα i - October, 1913. •No. 38. Economy of time in education. 10 cts. •No 40. The reorganized school playground. Henry S. Curtis. 10 cts. •No. 41. The reorganization of secondary education. 10 cts. •No. 42. An experimental rural school at Winthrop College.
Σελίδα 7 - I submit herewith, for publication as a bulletin of the Bureau of Education, a...
Σελίδα 5 - Thus, the man educated in the modern sense will be trained to know, to care about and to understand the world he lives in, both the physical world and the social world.
Σελίδα 16 - Report of the Committee on social studies of the Commission on the reorganization of secondary education of the National education association.

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