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Pagina 34 - North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota...
Pagina 81 - BULLETIN OF THE BUREAU OF EDUCATION. [NOTE.— With the exceptions indicated, the documents named below will be sent free of charge upon application to the Commissioner of Education, Washington, DC Those marked with an asterisk (•) are no longer available for free distribution, but may be had of the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC, upon payment of the price stated. Remittances should be made In coin, currency, or money order.
Pagina 83 - No. 19. University extension in the United States. Louis E. Reber. No. 20. The rural school and hookworm disease. JA Ferrell. No. 21. Monthly record of current educational publications, September, 1914. No. 22. The Danish folk high schools. HW Foghi . No.
Pagina 40 - Ohio Indiana Illinois Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa Missouri North Dakota South Dakota...
Pagina 82 - September, 1913. *No. 34. Pension systems in Great Britain. Raymond W. Sies. 10 cts. *No. 35. A list of books suited to a high-school library. 15 cts. *No. 36. Report on the work of the Bureau of Education for the natives of Alaska...
Pagina 13 - Not more than four per cent, of all moneys raised or which may hereafter be appropriated for the support of public schools, shall be used or expended otherwise than for the payment of teachers employed in such schools ; provided, that the Legislature may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, suspend the operation of this section.
Pagina 50 - To vote a tax, not exceeding twenty-five dollars in any one year, for the purchase of maps, globes, blackboards and other school apparatus, and for the purchase of text-books and other school necessaries for the use of poor scholars of the district.
Pagina 55 - The cleaning shall consist in first sweeping, then scrubbing the floors, washing the windows and all woodwork, including the wooden parts of seats and desks, and the disinfecting shall be done in accordance with the rules of the State Board of Health.
Pagina 3 - Ethnographical Survey of the Miskito and Sumu Indians of Honduras and Nicaragua," by Eduard Conzemius, and to recommend that it be published as a bulletin of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Very respectfully yours, MW STIRLING, Chief.

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