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Page 188 - Catalogue of the Flowering Plants, Ferns, and Fungi growing in the vicinity of Cincinnati.
Page 142 - ... one on the middle of the columella, prominent, compressed, emarginate in the middle, and often bicuspid ; another at the termination of the axis, marking internally the situation of the umbilicus, conical, and often composed of two or more tubercles ; a third in the base of the aperture, a fourth upon the peristome, and a fifth, often massive and prominent, deep in the fauces behind the columellar tooth; umbilicus minute. Length two and a half, diameter one mill.
Page 183 - He collected and carefully studied the plants of the central part of Ohio, made neat sketches of the minuter parts of many of them, especially of the Grasses and Sedges, entered into communication with the leading botanists of the country, and in 1840 he published " A Catalogue of Plants, native or naturalized, in the vicinity of Columbus, Ohio
Page 181 - Most of the dates given are the mean terms of several years' observation." Thirty-four entries are made, beginning with March 5th, "commons becoming green," and ending with Oct. 30th, " woods leafless." 1818. Notice of the Scenery, Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, etc., of Belmont county, Ohio, by Caleb Atwater, Esq., of Circleville. American Journal of Science (Silliman's Journal), 1818, Vol. I, p. 226. Two pages (228-9) of this article are devoted to Botany. Thirty trees are enumerated in tabular...
Page 194 - A Catalogue of the Uncultivated Flowering Plants growing on the Ohio State University grounds, by Moses Craig, in the Bulletin of the Ohio Agr.
Page 200 - ... together with occasional notes. Description of a New Phalloid, by AP Morgan, in the Journal of the Cincinnati Society of Natural History, Oct., 1892. A new genus and species (Phallogaster saccatus Morgan) found in Hamilton county, (Morgan); Licking county, (CJ Herrick); also in New York and Connecticut is described and illustrated by a lithographic plate. The Wild Plants of Northeastern Ohio; Preliminary List of the Wild Plants of Ashtabula county, by Sara F. Goodrich. Western Reserve School...
Page 57 - Other lines are drawn parallel to these lines dividing the map into squares, each line indicating the distance of one kilometre, These lines are numbered, beginning in each case at the one next the zero line and reading toward the margin of the page. By means of roads, streams and other conspicuous objects, the position on the map, of any locality can be easily ascertained ; and its distance north or south of one zero line, and east or west of the other, seen at a glance. It is only necessary to...
Page 185 - ... in tabular form, the scientific name, common name, place where found, condition (wild or cultivated), and flowering time. It covers three pages, and enumerates 105 species. 1859. Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Ohio, by JS Newberry, MD Ohio Agricultural Report for 1859, pp. 135-273. This is "the first effort toward the formation of a complete flora of the state." The list of plants is preceded by a general discussion of the "influences which have determined the distribution of...
Page 186 - Jan uary, 1874. Pamphlet of nineteen pages. Reprinted in Ohio Agricultural Report, 1877, pp. 346-363. Dr. Beardslee prepared in the fall of 1873 a catalogue of Ohio plants for publication in the Geological Survey of the State. This list is...
Page 190 - Woody Plants of Ohio, arranged under their appropriate Botanical orders with remarks upon their uses, qualities and sources.

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