Bulletin, Issues 197-199

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University of the State of New York, 1918

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Page 98 - Director of Science and State Museum JOHN M. CLARKE D.Sc. LL.D. Chiefs and Directors of Divisions Administration, HIRAM C. CASE Agricultural and Industrial Education, LEWIS A.
Page 156 - Legs mostly pale yellowish; claws long, slender, evenly curved, the pulvilli as long as the claws. Genitalia: basal clasp segment stout, truncate; terminal clasp segment rather stout, slightly tapering; dorsal plate short, deeply and triangularly emarginate.
Page 240 - Library School, FRANK K. WALTER MAMLS School Buildings and Grounds, FRANK H. WOOD MA School Libraries, SHERMAN WILLIAMS Pd.D. Visual Instruction, ALFRED W. ABRAMS Ph.B.
Page 128 - ... uniting with the anterior margin at the basal third. Halteres pale orange basally, yellowish apically. Coxae and femora fuscous yellowish, narrowly clothed exteriorly with fuscous scales; tibiae and tarsi mostly dark brown, the latter narrowly ringed and indistinctly annulate distally with yellowish; claws long, slender, evenly curved, the pulvilli about half the length of the claws. Ovipositor about as long as the body; terminal lobes long, slender, narrowly rounded. Type Cecid. 703. Lasioptera...
Page 99 - SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith and to recommend for publication as Bulletin No. 219 of the series of this Bureau the accompanying manuscript, entitled "American Medicinal Leaves and Herbs.
Page 108 - General. The work of the office has been materially aided, as in past years, by the identification of a number of species through the courtesy of Dr LO Howard, chief of the Bureau of Entomology, United States Department of Agriculture, and his associates.
Page 121 - ... tapering; dorsal plate short, broad, deeply and triangularly emarginate; ventral plate long, slender, tapering, broadly rounded. Harpes stout at base, tapering, irregularly obtuse; style long, rather stout, narrowly rounded. Female. Length 2 mm. Antennae fuscous yellowish, the basal segments whitish; 17 segments, the fifth with a length about onefourth greater than its diameter; terminal segment somewhat produced, with a length about twice its diameter, narrowly rounded. Palpi; the first segment...
Page 135 - The circumfili are remarkably high for a Neolasioptera, producing distinct ridges. Palpi; first segment obconic, the second stout, with a length about two and one-half times its diameter, the third one-half longer, more slender, the fourth a little longer and more slender than the second. Mesonotum shining dark brown. Scutellum a little lighter, postscutellum nearly concolorous. Abdomen a shining reddish dark brown; ovipositor deep orange. Wings hyaline, costa yellowish transparent, probably badly...
Page 196 - Halteres yellowish basally, fuscous apically. Legs yellowish basally, dark brown distally ; claws long, slender, strongly curved, the pulvilli shorter than the claws. Genitalia ; basal and terminal clasp segments stout ; dorsal plate long, narrow, broadly and roundly emarginate ; ventral plate short, stout, narrowly rounded. Female. Length 1.5 mm. Antennae extending to the third abdominal segment, rather thickly haired, dark brown, yellowish basally ; 12 segments, the fifth subsessile...
Page 2 - Chiefs and Directors of Divisions Administration, HIRAM C. CASE Agricultural and Industrial Education, LEWIS A. WILSON Archives and History, JAMES SULLIVAN MA Ph.D. Attendance, JAMES D. SULLIVAN Educational Extension, WILLIAM R. WATSON BS Examinations and Inspections, GEORGE M.

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