Bulletin, Issue 59

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918 - America - 387 pages

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Page 285 - Oskar Dahnhardt, Natursagen. Grinnell, Lodge Tales George Bird Grinnell, Blackfoot Lodge Tales. Leland Charles G. Leland, The Algonquin Legends of New England. Matthews Washington Matthews, Ethnography and Philology of the Hidatsa (Misc. Publ. No. 7, US Geological Survey, FV Hayden in charge). Merriam ; C. Hart Merriam, The Dawn of the World. Petitot. . * Emile Petitot, Traditions Indiennes du Canada Nord-Ouest. Rand •. ST Rand, Legends of the Micmacs. Russell, Expl. in Far North Frank Russell,...
Page iii - SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY, Washington, DC, March 3, 1915. SIR: I respectfully submit herewith for your consideration the manuscript of a work entitled "Kutenai Tales," by Franz Boas, " together with texts collected by Alexander Francis Chamberlain," with the recommendation that this material be published, with your approval, as Bulletin 59 of this Bureau.
Page 293 - The idea of a person being frightened by the sudden flying up of birds or by a sudden movement, and caused to fall down a cliff, is rather widely spread. Assiniboin (Lowie PaAM 4:110). Lillooet (Teit JAFL 25:305, an incomplete version of the story of Coyote and Grouse). Ojibwa ((Jones PAES 7:43, 191, 415). Okanagon (Gatschet, Globus 52:138). Pawnee (Dorsey CI 59:459). Pend d'Oreilles (Teit MAFLS 11:114). Sanpoil (Gould MAFLS 11:101).
Page 63 - I don't smoke block tobacco." Coyote said: | "What do you smoke?" — "I smoke leaf tobacco." || Coyote said: "It is well. | Let us smoke it. I have 45 some." Then he | filled his pipe. Then they smoked. Coyote said: "It will be this way | in later times, when there will be many people. When they are angry at one another, they will smoke to make their hearts (feel) good.
Page 281 - The folk tales of the Kutenai show intimate relations to the tales o'f the tribes of the plateaus, as well as to those of the plains east of the mountains. A considerable number of tales are common to the Kutenai and the neighboring Salish tribes, particularly the Okanagon. There are also a considerable number of identical tales found among the Kutenai and the Blackfeet. It seems that the series of Transformer tales centering around Nahnu'qtse and...
Page 63 - I | take this one." They said to each other: "We will part now." | They shook hands and said good-by. Then they parted. || Coyote and his wife went off. He saw a mountain in front. | 75 He said to his wife: "That place looks like a valley. Go there. | I shall go roundabout.
Page 185 - I am old. Only young men and women dance." || Then he killed the 70 old woman, took off her skin, and threw away her body. He went into her skin | and sat down. After a short time her granddaughters, | two girls, came. When they arrived, they said: "Grandmother, | we came to get you. They are dancing again. We will take you over there.
Page 241 - Let my back roll out, | Let my back roll out." || Then his back rolled out. Then he rolled out. | He rolled himself 230 on his one arm. He took | the other one and stuck it on. He took " his leg, and he | stuck on both of them. Then Skunk arose. Then | Skunk stood up. He was bad. He had no entrails. || Then he 235 went and took leaves and put them in. Then he was almost good. | He started to the place where Raven had flown, there across the mountains.1 | He went along. He went across the mountains,...
Page 284 - United States Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region, JW Powell, in charge.

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