Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Ausgabe 261


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Seite 19 - ... coal or powder smoke, a cut was made across the face of the coal from roof to floor, including all of the benches of coal mined and such impurities as were not removed in ordinary work. This cut was about 3 inches wide and 1 inch deep. The coal obtained from it. amounting to...
Seite 19 - ... inch in diameter. The sample was placed in an air-tight galvanized iron can having a screw top and the can was hermetically sealed by screwing the top down tight and covering the joint with tire tape.
Seite 120 - A brief consideration of these points will lead at once to the conclusion that the gas engine and steam engine used in these tests compare very favorably, and that any increase in efficiency in the boiler tests that might result from using a compound engine can be offset b* <Ue introduction of the more modern type of gas engine.
Seite 123 - The charge weighed 9,500 pounds, and after burning 46 hours yielded 4,828 pounds of coke and 572 pounds of breeze and ash. The coke was brittle, with cracks lengthwise and crosswise through it. It was also high in sulphur and ash.
Seite 11 - For analyzing and testing at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition the coals and lignites of the United States, in order to determine their fuel values and the most economic method for their utilization for different purposes...
Seite 87 - ... results that might otherwise be shown for the coals tested during that period. But at the time of making these tests it was not practicable to stop the operations of the plant for repairs; and the main purpose of the preliminary tests being to determine whether the coals were suitable for...
Seite 126 - West Virginia No. 7. — Run-of-mine coal from the New River Smokeless Coal Company, Sun, W. Va. This test was made on unwashed coal, the charge weighing 8,000 pounds. It produced 5,119 pounds, or 64 per cent., of good size and quality, but rather dark In color.
Seite 92 - Equivalent pounds used by producer plant per electrical horsepower available for outside purposes.Equivalent pounds used by producer plant per electrical horsepower developed at switch board.

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