Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Issue 662

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Page 426 - Oreodon beds was rewarded with greater success, for numerous thin layers of limestone, varying in thickness from a fraction of an inch to a foot or more and...
Page i - Koyukuk, John, Anaktuvuk, and Colville rivers and the Arctic coast to Cape Lisburne in 1901, by FC Schrader, with notes by WJ Peters. Professional Paper 20, 1904, 139 pp. 40 cents. *Geology and coal resources of the Cape Lisburne region, Alaska, by AJ Collier. Bulletin 278, 1906, 54 pp. 15 cents. Geologic investigations along the Canada-Alaska boundary, by AG Maddren. In *Bulletin 520, 1912, pp. 297-314.
Page 464 - Mineral resources of the Nabesna-White River district, by FH Moffit and Adolph Knopf; with a section on the Quaternary, by SR Capps. Bulletin 417, 1910, 64 pp.
Page 469 - Also in *Bulletins 337 (25 cents) and 525. Forty mile quadrangle (No. 640) ; scale, 1: 250,000; by EC Barnard. 10 cents retail or 6 cents wholesale. Also in Bulletin 375. Rampart quadrangle (No. 643); scale, 1:250,000; by DC Witherspoon and RB Oliver. 20 cents retail or 12 cents wholesale.
Page 4 - Allotted to field work, 1916 6,000 100,000 In the following table the approximate amount of money devoted to each class of investigations and surveys is indicated. It is not possible to give the exact figures, as the same party or even the same...
Page 468 - Bulletin 417, 1910, 64 pp. *Placer mining in the Yukon-Tanana region, by CE Ellsworth. In Bulletin 442, 1910, pp. 230-245. 40 cents. *Occurrence of wolframite and cassiterite in the gold placers of Deadwood Creek, Birch Creek district, by BL Johnson. In Bulletin 442, 1910, pp.
Page 468 - Bulletin 480, 1911, pp. 236-270. *Placer mining in the Fortymile and Seventymile river districts, by EA Porter. In Bulletin 520, 1912, pp. 211-218. 50 cents. *Placer mining in the Fairbanks and Circle districts, by CE Ellsworth. In Bulletin 520, 1912, pp. 240-245. 50 cento.
Page 145 - Daily discharge ascertained by applying to the rating table mean daily gage height, determined by inspecting gage-height graph, or, for days of considerable fluctuation, by averaging results obtained by applying to rating table gage heights for regular intervals of day.
Page 97 - Surface water supply of Seward Peninsula, Alaska, by FF Henshaw and GL Parker, with a sketch of the geography and geology by PS Smith and a description of methods of placer mining by AH Brooks; including topographic reconnaissance map. Water-Supply Paper 314, 1913, 317 pp.
Page 467 - REPORTS. *The coal resources of the Yukon, Alaska, by AJ Collier. Bulletin 218, 1903, 71 pp. 15 cents. *Occurrence of gold in the Yukon-Tanana region, by LM Prindle. In Bulletin 345, 1908, pp. 179-186. 45 cents. The Fortymile quadrangle, Yukon-Tanana region, Alaska, by LM Prindle. Bulletin 375, 1909, 52 pp. Water-supply investigations in Yukon-Tanana region, Alaska, 1907-8 (Fairbanks, Circle, and Rampart districts), by CC Covert and CE Ellsworth. Water-Supply Paper 228, 1909, 108 pp. The...

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