Bulletin of pharmacy, Volume 32

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Page 266 - The following United States Pharmacopoeia and National Formulary preparations which are used by physicians and pharmacists principally as vehicles, and which are capable of beverage use, may be made with alcohol, and sold in good faith for legitimate nonbeverage purposes without incurring liability for rectification and special taxes for their manufacture and sale: Elixir aromatlcum.
Page 37 - They will be a revelation to you, they are so sweet, clean, well put up, and withal so efficient. At Dealers Generally Chas. M.
Page 295 - To respect my country, my profession, and myself, to be honest and fair with my fellowmen, as I expect them to be honest and square with me. To be a loyal citizen of the USA; to speak of it with praise and act always as a trustworthy custodian of its good name.
Page 129 - Take a steel pin or needle, and run it around the top of the stopper in the angle formed by it and the bottle. Then hold the vessel in your left hand and give it a steady twist toward you with the right, and it will very soon be effectual.
Page 61 - Minneapolis, from a thousand to fifteen hundred miles from the nearest seaboard, and under the auspices of men paid from a dollar and a half to two dollars and a half per day for their labor, is sold in European markets at rates which are determinative of the prices which Russian peasants, Egyptian
Page 279 - MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES. Insured persons shall be supplied with all necessary medicines, surgical supplies, dressings, eyeglasses, trusses, crutches and similar appliances prescribed by the physician, not to exceed $50 in cost in any one year.
Page 295 - To base my expectations of reward on a solid foundation of service rendered. To be willing to pay the price of success in honest effort. To look upon my work as an opportunity to be seized with joy and made the most of, and not as painful drudgery to be reluctantly endured.
Page 279 - ... submit to hospital treatment. Hospital treatment shall be furnished for the same period as cash benefit. This benefit may be provided in those hospitals with which the funds and societies have made satisfactory financial arrangements which have met the approval of the Social Insurance Commissioners, or in hospitals erected and maintained by the funds and societies with the approval of the Commission.
Page 295 - To believe in my proposition, heart and soul. To carry an air of optimism in the presence of those I meet. To dispel ill temper with cheerfulness, kill doubts with a strong conviction, and reduce active friction with an agreeable personality. "To make a study of my business. To know my profession in every detail. To mix brains with my efforts, and use system and method in my work.
Page 329 - As regards the future of the gas cloud, it may be looked upon as almost finished. There are so many conditions that have to be fulfilled in connection with it that its use is limited. It is very unlikely that the enemy will be able to spring another complete surprise with a gas cloud. The case is different with gas shells. The gas shells are the most important of all methods of using gas on the Western Front, and are still in course of development. The enemy started using them soon after the first...

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