Bulletin of pharmacy, Volume 12

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Page 353 - ... have, any exclusive right or title to the making or preparing the same, or which are prepared, uttered, vended, or exposed for sale under any...
Page 390 - The liability of the dealer in such case arises, not out of any contract or direct privity between him and the person injured, but out of the duty which the law imposes upon him to avoid acts in their nature dangerous to the lives of others.
Page 356 - ... the making or preparing the same, or has or claims to have any exclusive right or title to the making or preparing the same, or which are prepared, uttered, vended, or exposed for sale under any letters patent, or...
Page 469 - The stamp taxes provided for in Schedule B of this Act shall apply to all medicinal articles compounded by any formula, published or unpublished, which are put up in style or manner similar to that of patent, trade-mark, or proprietary medicine in general, or which are advertised on the package or otherwise as remedies or specifies for any ailment, or as having any special claim to merit, or to any peculiar advantage in mode of preparation, quality, use, or effect.
Page 326 - Reserve Corps, shall be ordered to active service by the Secretary of War shall, from the time he shall be required by the terms of his order to obey the same, be subject to the laws and regulations for the government of the Army of the United States, in so far as they are applicable to officers whose permanent retention in the military service is not contemplated.
Page 356 - PREPARATIONS. 3?or and upon every packet, box, bottle, pot, phial, or other enclosure, containing any pills, powders, tinctures, troches, lozenges, sirups, cordials, bitters, anodynes, tonics, plasters, liniments, salves, ointments, pastes, drops, waters, essences, spirits, oils, or other...
Page 211 - ... poison"; but all prescriptions, whether or not composed in part or in whole of any of said ingredients, shall be carefully kept by the pharmacist on a file or in a book used for that purpose only and numbered in the order in which they are received or dispensed, and every box, bottle, vial, vessel or packet containing medicines so dispensed, shall be...
Page 217 - Silver should be given after the process of digestion is ended ; if given during food, chemical reactions destroy or impair their special attributes and defeat the object for which they were prescribed. Metallic Salts, especially Corrosive Sublimate, also Tannin and pure Alcohol, impair the digestive power of the active principle of the gastric juice, and so should appear in the stomach during its period of inactivity.
Page 214 - Holland for 130,000 dollars, which the ship brought back, and placed in the same Bank, from the vaults of which she had taken her original outfit. The other third was sent to the ports of the Mediterranean, and produced a return of 25,000 dollars in specie, and 15,000 dollars in Italian merchandise.
Page 326 - ... navy. Coast Survey, and Fish Commission, shall be performed by the members of said corps, and the corps shall be permanently attached to the medical department of the navy, and shall be included in the effective strength of the navy and be counted as a part of the enlisted force provided by law.

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