Bulletin of the Biological Society of Washington, Issue 1

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The Society, 1918 - Biology

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Page 7 - This place without all question is the most pleasant and healthful place in all this country, and most convenient for habitation, the air temperate in summer and not violent in winter.
Page 13 - Second Bulletin of the Proceedings of the National Institution for the Promotion of Science, Washington, DC, March, 1841 to February, 1842.
Page 34 - Notes on the Mosquitoes of the United States : Giving Some Account of Their Structure and Biology, with Remarks on Remedies.
Page 46 - A list of the batrachians and reptiles of the District of Columbia and vicinity. Proc. Biol. Soc.
Page 18 - Florula Columbiensis: or a list of plants found in the District of Columbia; arranged according to the Linnaean system...
Page 6 - And then marching into the Countrie, I found great store of Cattle as big as Kine, of which the Indians that were my guides killed a couple, which we found to be very good and wholesome meate, and are very easie to be killed, in regard they are heavy, slow, and not so wild as other beasts of the wildernesse.
Page 54 - Remarks on the Long-tailed Shrews of the Eastern United States, With Description of a New Species. Proc. US Nat.
Page 118 - Roberts' Road Map of the District of Columbia and adjoining portions of Maryland and Virginia, 1896, WF Roberts.
Page 31 - Revision of the genus Lygus as it occurs in America north of Mexico, with biological data on the species from New York...
Page 36 - New genera and species of the North American Tipulidae with short palpi, with an attempt at a new classification of the tribe...

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