Bulletin of the Massachusetts Commission on Mental Diseases, Volume 2

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Wright and Potter, 1918

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Page 7 - Beiträge zur Frage nach der Beziehung zwischen klinischem Verlauf und anatomischem Befund bei Nerven- und Geisteskrankheiten.
Page 67 - Southard, EE — A Study of the Dementia Praecox Group in the Light of Certain Cases Showing Anomalies or Scleroses in Particular Brain Regions — Danvers State Hospital Papers 1910 — Chas.
Page 68 - I have read every definition which I could meet with, and never was satisfied with one of them, and have endeavored in vain to make one satisfactory to myself. I verily believe that it is not in human power to do it.
Page 29 - Carola Woerishoffer Graduate Department of Social Economy and Social Research, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Page 59 - ... naturally lead us to think of brain disorder in the sensorium. In point of fact, the parts of the brain which are best entitled to the name sensorium seem to be free of gross lesions and anomaly except in a comparatively small hyperphantasia group. To quote from conclusions of a paper on Dementia Praecox, "The non-frontal group of delusion-formations the writer wishes to group provisionally under the term hyperphantasia...
Page 74 - Such a surface might restrain diffusion, bank up osmotic pressure, restrict the movement of ions, accumulate electric charges, support a double electric layer, alter in shape and surface tension with changes in difference of potential, alter in difference of potential with changes in surface tension and in shape, or intervene as a membrane between dilute solutions of electrolytes of different concentration or colloidal suspensions with different sign of charge.
Page 41 - ... in fostering legislation which will prevent political interference with the hospitals, and in bringing the standards of care up to the high plane represented by ideals kept constantly before the public by this organization since its foundation in 1844. If this is to be done we must include in our membership the men who control the policies of the institutions in the various states. For this purpose I would suggest for your consideration, if necessary, an amendment to the constitution which would...
Page 115 - ... in ordine, the great groups or orders being always determined on a pragmatic basis. In the body of the paper are given the general designations of the ten great groups of mental diseases, with the eleventh residual group. BIBLIOGRAPHY. 1. SOUTHARD: "A Study of Errors in the Diagnosis of General Paresis.
Page 10 - there is not a natural action in the body, whether involuntary or voluntary, that may not be influenced by the peculiar state of the mind at the time," may be viewed in the light of a simple truism.
Page 15 - The Association of Various Hyperkinetic Symptoms with Partial Lesions of the Optic Thalamus.

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