Bulletin of the Pan American Union, Volume 46

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Page 793 - ... be subject to a fine of not more than $2,000 or imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.
Page 696 - Let us have a common guarantee, that all of us will sign, of political independence and territorial integrity. Let us agree that if any one of us, the United States included, violates the political independence or the territorial integrity of any of the others, all the others will jump on her.
Page 360 - Rainier, 300 miles to the north. But this was ages ago. No human eyes ever saw Mount Mazama. Long before man came the entire upper part of it in some titanic cataclysm fell in upon itself as if swallowed by a subterranean cavern, leaving its craterlike lava sides cut sharply downward into the central abyss. What a spectacle that must have been ! The first awful depth of this vast hole no man can guess. But the volcano was not quenched. It burst up through the collapsed lavas in three places, making...
Page 696 - I said that we meant to stand by Russia just as firmly as we would stand by France or England or any other of the Allies. The audience to which I was speaking was not an audience from which I would have expected an enthusiastic response to that. It was rather too well dressed. It was not an audience, in other words, made of the class of people whom you would suppose to have the most intimate feeling for the sufferings of the ordinary man in Russia...
Page 696 - Some of us, if I may say so privately, look back with regret upon some of the more ancient relations that we have had with Mexico long before our generation: and America. if I may so express it, would now feel ashamed to take advantage of a neighbor," the President goes on to say: Some time ago, as you probably nil know.
Page 770 - Hawaiian volcanoes are wholly unique of their kind, the most famous in the world of science, and the most continuously, variously, and harmlessly active volcanoes on earth. Kilauea crater has been nearly continuously active with a lake or lakes of molten lava for a century. Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano and mountain mass in the world, with...
Page 696 - Now, that is the kind of agreement that will have to be the foundation of the future life of the nations of the world, gentlemen.
Page 696 - We did not ask whether it was agreeable to you that we should be your big brother. We said we were going to be. " Now, that was all very well so far as protecting you from aggression from the other side of the water was concerned, but there was nothing in it that protected you from aggression from us, and I have repeatedly seen the uneasy feeling on the part of representatives of the states of Central and South America that our self-appointed protection might be for our own benefit and our own interests...
Page 696 - Pan-American agreement. I had perceived that one of the difficulties of our relationship with Latin America was this: The famous Monroe doctrine was adopted without your consent, without the consent of any of the Central or South American States. If I may express it in terms that we so often use in this country, we said, "We are going to be your big brother, whether you want us to be or not.
Page 504 - States, as the said authority may deem necessary or proper for the care, protection, management, and improvement of the same, the said regulations being primarily aimed at the freest use of the said park for recreation purposes by the public and for the preservation of the natural conditions and scenic beauties thereof.

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