Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club

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Torrey Botanical Club., 1915 - Botany
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Page 234 - Resolution during the latter part of June and the first part of July...
Page 439 - ... congeners. The most remarkable feature is the shape of the leaves. They are broader and shorter, and especially at the base they are broadened in such a way as to become apparently sessile. The stalk is very brittle, and any rough treatment may cause the leaves to break off.
Page 309 - The Mississippi River Bluffs at Columbus and Hickman, Kentucky, and their Fossil Flora.
Page 496 - Leaves oblong or oblonglanceolate, subcoriaceous, 2.5 cm. long or less, acute at the apex, obtuse at the base, the midvein impressed above, prominent beneath, the lateral venation delicate, not prominent, the upper surface tuberculate, the puberulent petioles about I mm.
Page 89 - The vegetation of south Florida south of 27 30' North, exclusive of the Florida Keys. Trans. Wagner Free Inst.
Page 506 - ... at the base, the midvein impressed above, prominent beneath, the lateral veins numerous, widely spreading, united near the margin, 2-3 mm.
Page 111 - Genera based upon single characters are rarely satisfactory but since in this case the species of each group are more closely related to each other than they are to any...
Page 90 - Sci. 1913: 93-96. /. 1-4. 1914. Hoffer, GN A test of Indiana varieties of wheat seed for fungous infection. Proc. Indiana Acad. Sci. 1913: 97, 98. 1914. Howe, CD Physiographic and forest conditions.
Page 198 - ... end a terminal bud, from which new plants rise to send out in turn a new series of horizontal stems. When conditions are unfavorable for the rhizomes to grow outward into open water, they sometimes grow diagonally downward over the edge of the mat, the terminal bud developing just beyond the margin, and thus, the mat is strengthened as well as extended by the growth of the plant.
Page 69 - On the structure and development of the somatic and heterotype chromosomes of Tradescantia virginica.

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