Business Methods and the War

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University Press, 1915 - Business - 71 pages

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Page 38 - per shovel, whatever class of material he was handling, and accordingly the Company now provides some eight or ten different kinds of shovels, each appropriate for handling a given class of material, not only so as to enable the men to handle approximately 21
Page 18 - (combined with the emigration to which I have already referred) to make it possible for employers, as a rule, to remunerate adequately any man of more than average ability whom they may wish to keep in their employ. It is doubtless owing to these circumstances that the system has not already broken down in consequence of
Page 18 - apprenticeship as a condition to membership, and in that way aimed at restricting employment to qualified workers, now-a-days the payment of subscriptions appears normally to be the only test insisted upon. Accordingly, the unions are giving little or nothing to the community as a whole in exchange for such monopoly, or
Page 65 - rather upon his conception of what the requirements of his customers ought to be, than as a result of a careful enquiry as to what the requirements of his customers really are. And if we find this same frame of mind interfering with the conduct of business at both extremes of qualities, it is, I think, not altogether
Page 46 - is merely a question of dealing with a situation which, if all goes well, is bound to arise in the course of the next few years at the outside. This is an important distinction, which should certainly be borne in mind by all self-constituted critics of military organisation.
Page 12 - Head Pieces," who carry out the policies designed by the first-named, and for that purpose issue orders to their subordinates; (c) The "Supervisors," who receive orders from the lastnamed class, pass them on to the next class, and see that they are strictly carried out; and
Page 19 - is, as far as possible, to secure at all times a supply of the necessary labour, notwithstanding the fact that the demand will in all probability be fluctuating continually. In some cases it may be found impossible to get labour of the required quality unless steady employment can be offered representing at all events a minimum rate of pay
Page 9 - conditions so far as the bulk of humanity was concerned. The class of work that one inhabitant of a village (or other community) was best fitted to perform would, more often than not, be the class of work that the great majority of the other

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