Buy the Future: Learning to Negotiate for a Future Better Than Your Present

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Pneuma Life Publishing, Incorporated, Jun 1, 2002 - Self-Help - 172 pages
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Buy The Future will help you to: Understand how the form of your values, beliefs and assumptions, shape the way you relate to other people and solve problems.Muster the courage to question those negative attitudes which continue to feed the situations you dislike. Learn to respond to life from a position of strength instead of weakness. Discover the tools to redesign your life and future. Think outside of past traditional logic and methods and innovate new strategies to achieve your success. The future has no power to design itself it only takes the form and shape of our action s and inactions today.

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This book is about how our value systems affect the decisions we make today, which in turn affect our future. Oh yes, we've had that time and time again, but Mensa Otabil puts it in fresh perspective using parallels drawn from the biblical story of Jacob and Esau.
The author takes us through two contrasting paradigms represented by Esau and Jacob, including the strengths and weaknesses of each. He starts with the Esau paradigm which basically values immediate or present gratification as opposed to postponing enjoyment for the sake of future benefit. He says that people who have an Esau mentality tend to rely on old ways of doing things (tradition) that are time wasting and ineffective. They also fail to upgrade their skills and abilities so as to get more out of their careers and this puts them at the mercy of those who work 'smarter'. Here, he brings in the concept of 'roasting' and explains it as a process of taking your primary product and developing it into a secondary product that can bring in more income. Esau failed to learn the art of 'roasting' the meat he brought in from hunting and that is why when he went into negotiation with Jacob, he ended up holding the wrong end of the stick.
On the other side is the Jacob mentality which is completely different. People with this mentality tend to think about the long term aspect of decisions and are able to look beyond present circumstances. They tend to use better and more efficient ways of doing things in order to get better results. They use what they have now, in terms of income or talents, to obtain better conditions for the future, thus the term 'buy the future' which is the book's title. The Jacob mentality helps you negotiate your way to a better future.
This book will definitely change your way of thinking and make you evaluate some of the decisions you have casually made in the past without realizing their impact. Most of us know that our lives are shaped in good part by the decisions we have made in the past. Those decisions are based on our value systems, which we need to guard very carefully.
The author's aim is to help us understand why Jacob's value system is stronger and superior as predicted in the Genesis story before the twins were born. However, if you find that you have been an 'Esau', there is still hope; you can change.

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While reading the book, I began to think about how God created us. He gave us a wonderful and fantastic tool that is able to create and go through so many things and thoughts. People use to say that what we are and the way we do things in fact determine or show the condition of our thinking, the condition of our brain.
I agree with the Author when he says that God gave us something to be used without limit for His glory. We must take this "vocation" seriously and believe that God wants us dreaming and developing future projects to glorify Him. So we need to think creatively.
The Apostle Paul teaches us that "whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, whatever that occupies your mind." (Philippians 4.8).
In the field of our mind, happen violent battles of the flesh against the spirit, where Satan makes suggestions that can take us away from the original purpose of using the creativity that God gave to us. Deep in our subconscious are occurring evil thoughts that clog our communion with God and with His creation. We need to learn from our Lord Jesus to use our mind effectively and how to keep our mind purified.
I believe that a Christian leader must have an open and flexible mind in order to understand that the challenges of his life are more susceptible to win when he understands that in the Lord hands and in the Holy Scriptures he can find the answers to his challenges and creativity to overcome the barriers.
The Word’s principles are immutable and unchangeable, but the methods can be changed. To be able to see farther, the leader needs to have a broad mind and knows to see the horizon through a divine angle.
The Christian leader must have a mind centered on Christ. Paul teaches us in 1 Corinthians 2:16 that "we have the mind of Christ", or at least we should have the mind of Christ. This is the God's will for us. To have “the mind of Christ” means: thinking about our future like He thought, do as He did, have a balanced mind when planning our future, a mindset to the Father's thinking based an authentic faith, a mind that works for the poor and in needy, a mind that produces benefits for those who trust in the Holy Scriptures, a sober, fairly bright and penetrating mind, working and spreading the good seed, a mind whose thinking is characterized by peace of Christ the Savior, a mind that thinks about the welfare of others.
The example of Esau and Jacob challenged me to have my character renewed, my personality aligned with Jesus and my mind and my actions based on the Word of God. This book made me do a self-assessment and ask myself: Are the defects of my personality blocking me to walk through my goals and my dreams? What are the actions that are hurting me and hurting my family, my church or ministry? In what kind of relationships should I invest more, and how can I allow God to improve my way of being and improve my plans so that these "dreams and goals" may glorify His name?
God gave us all the necessary tools to plan with efficiency. If we really know that we are able to catch all this in benefit of our goals and plans and we do not use those, we make the Holy Spirit said and we walk in sin.
This book also blew my mind driving to think and also rethink how I must need to plan my life both for the present and the future. The principles that this book brings to my mind new lessons in order to better administrate my time, the resources God put in my hands and also never settle for the mediocre, average or simply in my life, family and ministry. Made me consider that I need to try to maintain in mind a picture about better and higher choices in life, putting away negative attitudes and wrong thinking.
The book helped me to better understand how to form my values, beliefs and assumptions in somehow I will be better prepared to solve problems in my life. The author also touch me to respond positively and

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Otabil pastors the 6,000 member International Central Gospel Church in Accra, Ghana, Africa.

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