C++ for Artists: The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Object-oriented Programming

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Pulp Free Press, 2003 - Computers - 590 pages
C++ For Artists The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Object-Oriented Programming takes a refreshing and sometimes controversial approach to the complex topic of object-oriented programming and the C++ language. Intended as both a classroom and reference t

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Page 120 - Equal to <> Not equal to < Less than > Greater than <= Less than or equal to...
Page 500 - DIP states that high-level modules should not depend upon low-level modules. Both should depend upon abstractions.
Page 104 - ... return short signed sizeof static static_cast struct switch template this throw true try typedef typeid typename union unsigned using virtual void volatile wchar_t while Determine which of the following names are valid identifiers.
Page 86 - Name newline NL(LF) \n horizontal tab HT \t vertical tab VT \v backspace BS \b carriage return CR \r...
Page 274 - ... have an exclusive right to sell your particular product, you are going to be competing on many fronts, including price, cost and speed of delivery, and customer service. You must also consider how you will provide a secure environment for the handling of other people's money. All these topics are beyond the scope of this book, but if you are interested in learning more about online retailing, you might want to check out Small Business Solutions for E-Commerce by Brenda Kienan (Microsoft Press,...
Page 109 - A single printable character-except an apostrophe (') or backslash (\J-enclosed by apostrophes. 2. One of the following escape sequences, enclosed by apostrophes: \n Newline (Line feed in ASCII) \t Horizontal tab \v Vertical tab \b Backspace \r Carriage return \f Form feed \a Alert (a bell or beep) \\ Backslash \ ' Single quote (apostrophe) \" Double quote (quotation mark) \0 Null character (all...
Page 270 - Robert C. Martin. Designing Object-Oriented C++ Applications Using the Booch Method. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1994.
Page 115 - OR Left to right && Logical AND Left to right II Logical OR Left to right ?: Conditional...
Page 244 - AND operations to the specif1ed value with the contents of the accumulator and leave the result in the accumulator.
Page 407 - It is beyond the scope of this book to provide a detailed discussion of the complex history of the development of the profession.

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