CRM (customer Relationship Management) for the Common Man: The Essential Guide to Designing and Planning a Successful CRM Strategy for Your Business

PEAK Sales Consulting, 2003 - 162 páginas
This book serves as a business-planning tool for any company. It provides practical, real-world advice and guidance for businesses wanting to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. This book does not recommend, compare, or evaluate CRM products, nor does it discuss technical implementations. What?s unique about this book is that it focuses on how to plan for a CRM implementation, rather than just how to do one. This book is designed to meet the needs of businesses who are planning their own CRM strategies and, as a result, improve their revenue results and customer retention. It is also for those professionals in sales management who are involved in their company?s CRM planning so they understand what it takes to engage and train their sales people in this process so they will embrace and use the new systems.

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