Cabbages and Kings

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Doubleday, Page, 1904 - 312 pagine

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Pagina 14 - His Nibs skedaddled yesterday per jack-rabbit line with all the coin in the kitty and the bundle of muslin he's spoony about. The boodle is six figures short. Our crowd in good shape, but we need the spondulicks. You collar it. The main guy and the dry goods are headed for the briny. You to know what to do. BOB.
Pagina 94 - we'll export canned music to the Latins; but I'm mindful of Mr. Julius Caesar's account of 'em where he says : " Omnia Gallia in tres partes divisa est; " which is the same as to say, " We will need all of our gall in devising means to tree them parties.
Pagina 11 - CORALIO reclined, in the mid-day heat, like some vacuous beauty lounging in a guarded harem. The town lay at the sea's edge on a strip of alluvial coast. It was set like a little pearl in an emerald band. Behind it, and seeming almost to topple, imminent, above it, rose the sea-following range of the Cordilleras.

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