Cabinet of Curiosities: Natural, Artificial, and Historical, 2. kötet

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Samuel Griswold Goodrich
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73. oldal - I humbly conceive my notice of this, especially at this time, will not be thought impertinent or unseasonable, but, at least, deserving some attention; because, my lord, that any person, after a temperate use of life, a series of thinking and acting regularly, and without one single deviation from sobriety, should plunge into the very depth of profligacy precipitately and at once, is altogether improbable and unprecedented, and absolutely inconsistent with the course of things.
18. oldal - He dived under the raft, and after several efforts, got his head above water amongst the trunks of trees, covered over with smaller wood to the depth of several feet. Scarcely had he secured himself, when the Indians arrived on the river, screeching and yelling, as Colter expressed it, "like so many devils.
76. oldal - Another particular seems not to claim a little of your Lordship's notice, and that of the gentlemen of the jury ; which is, that perhaps no example occurs of more than one skeleton being found in one cell, and in the cell in question was found but one ; agreeable, in this, to the peculiarity of every other known cell in Britain. Not the invention of one skeleton, then, but of two, would have appeared suspicious and uncommon.
72. oldal - My lord," began Aram, in that remarkable defence still extant, and still considered as wholly unequalled from the lips of one defending his own cause; — " my lord, I know not whether it is of right, or through some indulgence of your lordship, that I am allowed the liberty at this bar, and at this time, to attempt a defence; incapable and uninstructed as I am to speak. Since, while I see so many eyes upon me, so numerous and awful a concourse, fixed with attention, and filled with I know not what...
261. oldal - Mary having delt severely with the Protestants in England, about the latter end of her reign signed a commission for to take the same course with them in Ireland ; and, to execute the same with greater force, she nominates Dr. Cole one of the commissioners. This doctor...
247. oldal - Was instantly ordered to be turned out ; which being done, the poor animal began scratching violently at the door, and howling loudly for admission. The servant was sent to drive him away. Discouragement...
112. oldal - Navarre, that day six weeks, by nine o'clock in the morning, when he would attend them and be ready to answer to whatever should be proposed to him in any art or science, and in any of these twelve languages : Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Dutch, Flemish, and Sclavonian ; and this either in verse or prose, at the discretion of the disputant.
73. oldal - Again, my Lord, a suspicion of this kind, which nothing but malevolence could entertain, and ignorance propagate, is violently opposed by my very situation at that time, with respect to health ; for, but a little space before, I had been confined to my bed, and suffered under a very long and severe disorder, and was not able, for half a year together, so much as to walk. The distemper left me indeed, yet slowly and in part; but so macerated, so enfeebled, that I was reduced to crutches...
77. oldal - I hope, with all imaginable submission, that what has been said will not be thought impertinent to this indictment ; and that it will be far from the wisdom, the learning, and the integrity of this place, to impute to the living what zeal in its fury may have done ; what nature may have taken off, and piety interred; or what war alone may have destroyed, alone deposited.
249. oldal - ... within a short distance of his cottage. To renew the search that night was equally fruitless and dangerous. He was therefore obliged to return to his cottage, having lost both his child and his dog, which had attended him faithfully for years.

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