Cajus Julius Cæsar, Volume 2

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Page 83 - If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. You all do know this mantle : I remember The first time ever Caesar put it on : 'Twas on a summer's evening, in his tent; That day he overcame the " Nervii: Look, in this place ran Cassius...
Page 552 - Tu, sicut mihi pollicitus es, adiunges me quam primum ad tuos sermones. Namque illud non dubito, quin, si quid de interitu Caesaris scribas, non patiaris me minimam partem et rei et amoris tui ferre. Vale et matrem meosque tibi commendatos habe.
Page 528 - It is this personality which is often obliterated by his biographer — for detraction is the only tribute which mediocrity can pay to the great. This literary autopsy adds a new terror to death. A man might at least be permitted to leave his reputation to his critics, as he would leave his brains to a hospital. But I am forgetting Napoleon — he was able to imagine himself an emperor, and, circumstances conspiring with him, he became one.
Page 351 - Ewige wiederholen . . . Keiner gonnt das Reich Dem andern; dem gonnt's keiner, der's mit Kraft erwarb Und kraftig herrscht.
Page 7 - Krig (Itaque quum intellegeret omnes fere Gallos novis rebus studere et ad helium mobiliter celeriterque excitari...

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