Caleb, the Degenerate: A Play in Four Acts; a Study of the Types, Customs, and Needs of the American Negro

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Bradley & Gilbert Company, 1901 - African Americans - 57 pages
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Page 4 - The Negro needs very little politics, much industrial training, and a dogged settledness as far as going to Africa is concerned. To this should be added clean, intelligent fireside leadership.
Page 27 - There is no God nor Heaven to be found. Hope is the star that lights self unto self. Faith is the hand that clutches self's decree. Mercy is oil self keeps for its own ills. Justice is hell made present by a blow. Conditions, therefore, make this creed I hold: God-like I strive, but man-like I rebel!
Page 39 - ... the needed sense? OLIVIA — Simplicity in them breeds theft in you. A vote to them is life and death. You take The vote and live. They give it you and die. RAHAB— It is a game of sense. I play. They sleep. OLIVIA— You love the race? RAHAB— I love the race? I lead. Others may do the loving. I look up. OLIVIA— I love Rahab. (He turns toward her.) I love Rahab. RAHAB — Woman, That spurs me on to action. OLIVIA — That's your speech Upon yourself. It spurs you on — BISHOP— To death....
Page 22 - BISHOP'S beaver on table and goes to door) BISHOP Noah, you go ? NOAH My wits won't let me stay. (exit NOAH) (OLIVIA and FRONY put up their hair) BISHOP Things seem to say: "Be philosophical." You'd have a game ? Let each one take a part. (FIRST and SECOND MINISTERS give their hats to THIRD MINISTER to hold. He bows and holds them with dignity) Draw near ! (all draw near) Olivia, take you the ball! Good Ministers, take each a little shoe! The loaf of bread, Frony ! (to THIRD MINISTER) Some of the...
Page 26 - Tis written plainly with a lead-pencil. (she returns to book-shelf) (aside) Another indirection, win or lose! (to OLIVIA) Your ideal man OLIVIA I have him. BISHOP Let me hear. OLIVIA He is a man who lives a peaceful life Which kills from a continual round with strife. His being born without a single fear Makes him of course an abject coward here. He grows so fast the growing duly stunts, And breathes so smoothly that he always grunts. The more he learns, the more he sees 'tis needed To keep his empty...
Page 55 - ... GIRLS— (Pointing to DUDE. ) The Dude ! DUDE — (Indignantly.) No! The soldier. FRONY — (Goes to DUDE.) Your clothes have a brave front. [GiRLS approach DUDE, clap hands and retire.] BLACKSMITH— (To DUDE.) They may applaud you next. BISHOP— (To OLIVIA.) Give us the story of your enterprise. OLIVIA — Chance threw me with a group of millionaires. I doubted, fretted, feared. At last I spoke. The speech was short and simple. See the checks ! BISHOP — They lost no time in writing them?...
Page 25 - Enter NOAH slowly. BISHOP— Well! Well! Noah! Your wits won't let you stay? [Exit NOAH quickly.] [OLIVIA holds the BISHOP'S beaver and motions him. to toss the ball. He does. She catches it in hat.] OLIVIA— My hat ! Is this a game of ball?
Page 27 - As balance not for his sufficiency, But quiver till the All-intelligence Applies a power whose name is very truth. Great men, not creeds, will have the right of way. BISHOP (he calls as to one afar off) Caleb ! Caleb ! You have the right of way. A great man, you ? (takes up his hat) Ha! ha! (starts to door) Ha! ha! (bows to OLIVIA) Ha! ha! (he raises hat to put it on. Ball falls to floor. He hurries out. She begins with last line pronounced) OLIVIA Great men, not creeds, will have the right of way.
Page 57 - OL.DtS.AN with FOLLOWERS.] BLACKSMITH — To work ! [BLACKSMITH, boys, and girls run out.] DUDE— I go to war. Some say the Negro shirks The tasks of peace. Who says he will not fight? I go to war. [Exit, bearing flag with dignity.] [FRONY starts to run after DUDE. BISHOP and NOAH stop her.] BISHOP— (To FRONY.) To war? FRONY— (After freeing herself.) To work. [Exit quickly.] NOAH — ( Verg solemnly.
Page 26 - s impossible. Again! OLIVIA — His is an eye that runs compassion's length. His is a tongue that snares the simplest words Round simplest thoughts in beauty's fadeless mesh. Such art as his the soul of man endears Through all the silences of all the years. Right-fettered and full-faced he halts him by Each column wrong has builded to the sky. He flaws each flaw until proof -laden runs Faith's highest hope past earth and stars and suns.

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