Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reigns of Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth [and James I] ...: James I. 1603-1610

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Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts, 1857 - Great Britain

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Page 36 - Aug. 31. Aug. 31. Aug. 31. [Aug.
Page 306 - ... Hugh Middleton in 1 608, who completed the New River, and opened it Michaelmas-day 1613, and was created a baronet. He was ruined by the expence ; but the property has since been very valuable to his descendants, as well as a great advantage to the metropolis. An Act to enable all his Majesty's loving subjects of England and Wales, to trade freely into the dominions of Spain, Portugal and France.
Page 137 - June 22 July 25 July 25 July 25 July 25 July 25 July 25 July 25 July 25 July 27 July...
Page 359 - Majesty's interest in the Isle of Man, of which the ancestors of the Earl of Derby have been owners, from the time of King Henry IV. 39. Statement of Chief Justice Coke's opinion read at the Council Board, that the Lord Admiral has no right in the Isle of Man, as it does not belong to England, and that the Earl of Derby is Lord of Man and Admiral of that isle. 40. The Council to Justices of the Peace, for Surrey, Kent, &c. To put into effectual execution the laws for suppression of rogues, &c., the...
Page 45 - Oct. 12. Oct. 12. Oct. 12. Oct. 12. Oct. 12. Oct. 12.
Page 5 - Catholics presented a petition, begging to be allowed to practise their religion, at least in secret, and they go on to say that there were " four classes of religionists in England : Protestants who domineered / all the late reign ; Puritans who have crept up amongst them ; Atheists who live on brawls ; and Catholics."* The stigma of atheist clung to Raleigh long after he had ceased to deserve the name.
Page 246 - I find this fellow," he wrote, " who this day is in a most stubborn and perverse humour, as dogged as if he were possessed. Yesternight I had persuaded him to set down a clear narration of all his wicked plots from the first entering to the same, to the end they pretended, with the discourses and projects that were thought upon amongst them, which he undertook [to do] and craved time this night to bethink him the better...
Page 241 - ... to be the laboure of suche a desperate fellow as this is, if he will not other wayes confesse, the gentler tortours are to be first usid unto him et sic per gradus ad ima tenditur, and so god spede youre goode worke. JAMES R.
Page 173 - Miraculous and Happie Union of England and Scotland; by how admirable meanes it is effected; how profitable to both Nations, and how free of any inconvenience either past, present, or to be discerned. 33 pp. London, Imprinted for Edward Blount, 1604.
Page 237 - ... the dangere is passed as soon as yowe have burnt the letter and i hope god will give yowe the grace to mak good use of ' it to whose holy proteccion i commend yowe.