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Lauren Zimmerman, Dec 4, 2010 - Fiction
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Paul is from elsewhere. The dreams of home have haunted him for years and now they insist that he remember. As he allows himself to remember, he begins to understand why he has come to Earth and what changes are meant for the planet.^^^^^CALLED is the first volume of "OTHER WORLDS: The Series. Written as fiction, but based on fact, this series has received high praise and endorsements.

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"This is the novel for which thousands of 'Star People' all over the world have been waiting -- only they will know from their personal experiences with the 'Others' that
Lauren Zimmerman's provocative work is fact, not fiction!"
Brad Steiger, author of 'Starborn' and 'UFO Odyssey'
"This is a very important piece of work, coming as it does during a time of great change in our world and our acceleration towards the heavens of other worlds. Many of us have not overlooked the significance of events occurring on Earth itself, which includes the thousands of UFO reports from all parts of the globe. We have had to wait until now for the first cracks to appear in our government's secrecy surrounding the subject. As we move into the 21st century, the French and British governments admit that there are objects in our skies suggesting something or someone has 'Called".
As I read through this book, it became apparent that there was such resonance to the story that it did more than cement the story into place but registered an eerie kind of message to us.
Current scientific findings and technological advances bring us to a place where we should be thinking constructively about our wider future in the universe. Visions cast today will undoubtedly become reality sometime in our tomorrows. CALLED is a book to be enjoyed, but it shouldn't be taken too lightly either.
A great read, this book will deeply touch people who have had unexplained experiences and who continue to suffer in silence, rather than chance rejection by friends and colleagues. All thinking people will feel the timing of the material. CALLED did not arrive on our bookshelves a day too soon."
Colin Andrews, author of "Circular Evidence"
and President of Circles Phenomenon Research International
"CALLED incorporates many themes ... ufology and ufo crash recoveries, ET contact, and expanding human awareness ... Most unique is the fact that the author has articulated her personal interpretations of Truth, Soul, and Existence/Experiences, finding ways to express her knowledge of each by weaving specific insights and awakenings into her unusual, engrossing plotline."
Paul Davids, Executive Producer/Co-Writer, "Roswell"
and Producer/Writer/Director, "Starry Night"
"CALLED ... appeals to both adults and young adults ... Many will enjoy it as a wonder-filled tale ... for some -- those often called 'wanderers' or 'starpeople' -- it will affirm their sense of identity and purpose here and 'elsewhere.'"
Jody Boyne, Librarian, University of Hawaii
and Transhuman Counseling Psychologist
"Drama, suspense, humor and wisdom: CALLED has it all. Packed with profound spiritual truth, it's a 'must read' for metaphysicians and ET buffs alike."
Tony Stubbs, author of 'An Ascension Handbook'


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Life-after-death survivor, contactee, mystic, author, artist, and more, to say that Lauren Zimmerman leads an extraordinary life is an understatement. When the first poem she submitted for publication was accepted, she was hooked, even though she had considered a career in singing, or criminal investigation, or architecture. With such a wide array of interests, it was clear that she needed to focus her energy in one area. Having made that commitment, she is thrilled to present OTHER WORLDS: The Series to the reading public.MOMENTS OF MASTERY, Volumes I and II are also a part of her "resume." Spiritual messages of hope and wisdom, filled with displays of original artwork, these volumes have received high praise from readers from every walk of life.Lauren's main goal in life is to help others awaken to the potential. Much of her work addresses "the bigger picture" through her vivid memories of time spent on "the other side." Her hope is to help Humanity release their fear of "death" so that life may be lived in greater joy.

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