Cambria Steel Bars and "Gautier" Specialties: Merchant Steel and Bar Products. Automobiles and Motor Truck Steel, Cold-rolled and Cold-drawn Steel, Machinery Steel Soft, Steel, Spring Steel, Agricultural Steel and Shapes, Plow Steel, Etc

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Cambria Steel Company, 1917 - Hardware - 265 pages

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Page 249 - SOLID CONTENTS Prism, right or oblique, = area of base x perpendicular height. Cylinder, right or oblique, = area of section at right angles to sides x length of side. Sphere = diameter cubed x 0.5236; also, = surface x 1/6 diameter.
Page 249 - Frustum of a regular right pyramid or cone = (sum of peripheries or circumferences of the two ends X half slant height) + area of both ends...
Page 249 - X 2/3 perpendicular height. Ellipse = long diameter X short diameter X 0.7854. Regular polygon = sum of sides X half perpendicular distance from center to sides. Cylinder = (circumference X height) + area of both ends. Sphere = diameter squared X 3.1416.
Page 65 - Rivet and lacing steel, and small pieces for pin plates and stiffeners, may be shipped in bundles securely wired together, with the blow or melt number on a metal tag attached. Finish. 6. Finished bars shall be free from injurious seams, flaws or cracks, and have a workmanlike finish.
Page 65 - Cold-twisted bars shall be twisted cold with one complete twist in a length equal to not more than 12 times the thickness of the bar.
Page 65 - MANUFACTURERS' STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT BARS ROLLED FROM BILLETS 1. Manufacture.— Steel may be made by either the open-hearth or Bessemer process. Bars shall be rolled from standard new billets.
Page 249 - X perpendicular height. Trapezoid = half the sum of the parallel sides X perpendicular height. Trapezium, found by dividing into two triangles. Circle = diameter squared X 0.7854; or, = circumference squared X 0.07958. Sector of circle = length of arc X half radius. Segment of circle = area of sector of equal radius — triangle when segment is less, and + triangle when segment is greater than the semicircle; also for flat segments very nearly = 4v / irV°0.388 v* +~ 4 Side of square of equal area...
Page 6 - STRUCTURAL STEEL WORK. Finished Steel Work for Buildings, including Beams, Girders, Columns, Roof Trusses etc. fitted complete and ready for erection. STEEL CARS. Gondola, Hopper-Gondola, Hopper, Flat, Tank, etc., Underframes and Trucks. STEEL RAILS. Steel T-Rails, 12 Ibs. to 150 Ibs. per yard. Angle, Plain, Reinforced Angle and 100% Splice Bars. Standard and Special Track Bolts and Nuts. For detailed information, see Rail and Splice Catalogue STEEL AXLES. Passenger Car, Freight Car, Tender Truck,...
Page 249 - ... diameter. Segment of sphere = (height squared + three times the square of radius of base) x (height x 0.5236). Side of an equal cube = diameter of sphere x 0.806. Length of an equal cylinder = diameter of sphere x 0.6667. Pyramid or cone, right or oblique, regular or irregular, = area of base x 1/3 perpendicular height.
Page 6 - Splice Bars. Standard and Special Track Bolts and Nuts. For detailed information, see Rail and Splice Catalogue STEEL AXLES. Passenger Car, Freight Car, Tender Truck, Engine Truck, Driving, Electric Car, Street Car, Mine Car, etc. CRANK PINS, PISTON RODS. Crank Pins and Piston Rods made to any requirement. MACHINE BOLTS, NUTS, RIVETS, AND PIPE OR TANK BANDS WITH ROLLED THREADS.

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