Campaigns of Curiosity: Journalistic Adventures of an American Girl in London

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F.T. Neely, 1895 - Americans - 208 pages

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Page 53 - ... she intended to smash the Haviland— Or spill something on a clean place mat. Her hands would tremble, and she would look at us As though she thought we were going to reprimand her Or as if she hoped we would. One day when she broke off the head of a little figurine While dusting, she came to Nancy with the head In one hand and the body in the other. Her two hands were held so tense, Clasping so tightly the ceramic pieces, That blue veins stood out where they were usually All creamy whiteness....
Page 118 - And if he is next to the title, Maria, what's that to us ? We ain't members of a bloated aristocracy. I hope me and mine reckon such distinctions at their proper value. " The rank is but the guinea stamp. The man's the man, for a
Page 124 - ... others, with the exception of Lieut. Genl. Chaffee, began their military careers in the volunteer service. The people of Ohio are not a warlike people. They prefer the arts of peace to the science of war. Yet those of her sons who have adopted the military profession seem to master its theories, acting on the principle that what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.
Page 85 - ... the hand for purposes of rotation is rarely necessary. Introduction of the half-hand, as now proposed by him, is not seriously objectionable, provided digital aid prove unavailing. I was still farther gratified of late to receive a letter from the worthy chairman of this bureau, in which he says : " From what I have seen, I have come to the conclusion that about the best treatment is, to resist the descent of the forehead, which is simply increasing flexion, by which means we are making way for...
Page 98 - A young American Lady of means wishes to meet with a chaperon of Highest Social Position, who will introduce her into the Best English Society. Liberal Terms. Address, 'Heiress.
Page 154 - I still hold to the belief that boiled shirts are, or should be, a man's exclusive property, and I can readily understand his objection to the u new woman " who, in her fierce clamour for what she calls her " rights," will not stop to consider the wrongs she is inflicting on the opposite sex, and, not content with having, in some professions, deprived man of his means of livelihood, would now take away from him his very clothes.
Page 153 - Despite the fact that I live in the days of the " new womanhood," which demands stiff shirts, high collars, neckties, and waistcoats as proofs of complete
Page 135 - I began to despise them, and in my heart I called them paupers, to patronise my crossing and not be willing to pay for the privilege.
Page 108 - I was to payout between ^4,000 and .5,000 for a "season" in London, introductions into the best society, and a presentation at Court.
Page 129 - I hold that the sweep is not a beggar, but a man of business, however humble his line of operations may be.

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