Can Mankind Survive

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Marshall Jones Company, 1918 - Civilization - 201 pages
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Page 142 - To sum it all up together, we may boast that our commonwealth is the school of the civilized world. Each citizen of our republic is endowed with the power in his own person of adapting himself to the most varied form of activity and life with consummate versatility and ease.
Page 204 - PUBLIC LIBRARY REFERENCE DEPARTMENT This book is tak ■ under no circumstances to be en from the Building 1
Page 141 - The gift of our people is to be able to look all round a problem before we take it
Page 164 - search for, cultivation and creation of higher human mutations; and the leveling of all the powers, institutions, prejudices and sanctities reared by the past against the creation of a human race on new models, emancipated from the standards, fallacies, fetishes, guesses, religions and fears of an
Page 1 - universal acknowledgment that the world is a ruin, that the proud fabric of white man's society so laboriously built up through long centuries and so glorified by its architect is in
Page 15 - as the organized enmity of all men for one another, tending to the suicide of the human race.
Page 142 - up in action, and then to act when reflection has done its work.
Page 198 - There was nothing in their conversation or in their thoughts but force, material wealth, new territory to develop, discipline and methods of exploitation. No idea
Page 39 - The essence of modern democracy, so far as developed, is the increasing right of the slavish mind to be treated politely.
Page 198 - the beds of other people and don't mind being called barbarians for wanting to do so. They

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