Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal, Volume 11

Canadian Pharmaceutical Association., 1878

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Página 241 - all articles sold by weight shall be sold by avoirdupois weight, except gold, silver, platina, diamonds, or other precious stones, which may be sold by troy weight; and drugs, which, when sold by retail, may be sold by apothecaries' weight.
Página 103 - the following resolution : Resolved, That the President of this Association appoint a committee of five to take into consideration the advisability and feasibility on the part of the American Pharmaceutical Association as the national representative organization of the profession of Pharmacy to prepare a complete pharmacopoeia, which may be
Página 336 - The tree has, moreover, the singular property of rendering the toughest animal substances tender by causing a separation of the muscular fibre ; its very vapour even does this : newly-killed meat suspended among the leaves, and even old hogs and old poultry becoming tender in a few hours when fed on the leaves and fruit.
Página 354 - with a few drops of a 10 per cent, solution of potassium nitrate; then add carefully 10 drops of nitric acid, sp. gr. 1-3, so that it descends to the bottom of the aqueous layer. If " oil of pine" be present a yellow or yellowish brown
Página 10 - the filtrate, The resulting brownish red precipitate was thoroughly washed with boiling water, and sulphuretted hydrogen gas passed through the filtered liquid. The sulphide of lead was filtered off, the filtrate evaporated to dryness on a water bath, and the residue dissolved in a small quantity of
Página 362 - postnasal catarrh, and hyperplastic deposits, whether simple or syphilitic, iodoform exercises quite a specific influence." He finds the painfulness of the ethereal solution its chief objection when applied to the nasal cavity (although allowing the ether to evaporate somewhat from the sponge will lessen the irritant effect) and has been in the habit of using an
Página 21 - salt with dextrine, and by means of a broad soft brush lay the thinnest possible coating of the fluid on the surface to be covered. After drying, the surface has a beautiful, bright mother-of-pearl appearance. To make the coating adhere to glass, it is only necessary to varnish it with an
Página 373 - alcohol at 60° to 5 parts of the powdered root. The dose is from 40 to 80 drops. A syrup may be also made by adding 50 parts of the tincture to 1000 of simple syrup. M. Dujardin-Beaumetz has also had. prepared an aqueous extract and an alcoholic extract. M.
Página 29 - Wochenschrift fur Pharmacie (1877, 84) has a communication from F. Schneider, in which he states that ground mustard, mixed with a little water, is an excellent agent for cleansing the hands after handling disagreeably or strongly
Página 29 - substances, such as cod-liver oil, musk, valerianic acid and its salts. Scale-pans and vessels may also be readily freed from odor by the same method. In a succeeding number of the same journal (p. 104), A. Huber states that all oily seeds, when powdered, answer for this purpose.

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