Canadian Railway and Transport Cases, Volume 8

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Canada Law Book, 1909 - Railroad law

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Page 416 - The true reason of the remedy; and then the office of all the judges is always to make such construction as shall suppress the mischief, and advance the remedy...
Page 474 - Such and so many convenient gates, bridges, arches, culverts, and passages over, under, or by the sides of or leading to or from the railway as shall be necessary for the purpose of making good any interruptions caused by the railway to the use of the lands through which the railway shall be made...
Page 416 - Exchequer], that for the sure and true interpretation of all statutes in general (be they penal or beneficial, restrictive or enlarging of the common law), four things are to be discerned and considered: — 1st.
Page 159 - ... subject to the two leading prohibitions that their charges shall not be unjust or unreasonable, and that they shall not unjustly discriminate, so as to give undue preference or disadvantage to persons or traffic similarly circumstanced, the Act to Regulate Commerce leaves common carriers as they were at the common law...
Page 304 - For the reasons I have given I am of opinion that the Court of Arbitration can, if it chooses, give the preference mentioned, and therefore the appeal must be dismissed, with costs on the middle scale, and as from a distance.
Page 414 - Servants, notwithstanding any Notice, Condition, or Declaration made and given by such Company contrary thereto, or in anywise limiting such Liability ; every such Notice, Condition, or Declaration being hereby declared to be null and void: Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the said Companies from making such Conditions with respect to the receiving, forwarding, and delivering of any of the said Animals, Articles, Goods, or Things, as shall be adjudged by...
Page 273 - ... if I am guilty of negligence in leaving anything dangerous in a place where I know it to be extremely probable that some other person will unjustifiably set it in motion, to the injury of a third, and if that injury should be so brought about, I presume that the sufferer might have redress by action against both or either of the two, but unquestionably against the first.
Page 415 - Provided also, that no special contract between such company and any other parties respecting the receiving, forwarding, or delivering of any animals, articles, goods, or things as aforesaid shall be binding upon or affect any such party unless the same be signed by him or by the person delivering such animals, articles, goods, or things respectively for carriage...
Page 415 - The party aggrieved by any neglect or refusal in the premises, shall have an action therefor against the Company ; from which action the Company shall not be relieved by any notice, condition or declaration, if the damage arises from any negligence or omission of the Company or of its servants ; Checks to be 5.
Page 307 - People do not furnish evidence against themselves simply by adopting a new plan in order to prevent the recurrence of an accident. I think that a projxisition to the contrary would be barbarous. It would be, as I have often had occasion to tell juries, to hold that, because the world gets wiser as it gets older, therefore it was foolish before.

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