Canadians on the Nile, 1882-1898: Being the Adventures of the Voyageurs on the Khartoum Relief Expedition and Other Exploits

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University of British Columbia Press, 1978 - 184 من الصفحات
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Canadians on the Nile, 1882-1898 is a lively description ofCanada's romantic and little known involvement in the greatestimperial drama of Queen Victoria's later years. Chosen for theirunique skills, 400 English- and French-speaking Canadian voyageurstransported imperial forces up the Nile in a daring attempt to rescue"Chinese" Gordon, besieged in Khartoum. A generation later,their imperial work was completed by another Canadian, Sir PercyGirouard, who built the desert railway which enabled Kitchener tocapture Khartoum in 1898.

Offering fresh insights to the general reader as well as tohistorians and students, this authoritative work is also a perceptive,exciting, and humorous account of a curious way station along themeandering road to Canadian nationhood.

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Roy MacLaren is a graduate of the Universities ofBritish Columbia and of Cambridge. He served as a Canadian diplomat inVietnam, Czechoslovakia, and Switzerland and at the United Nations.

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