Canoeing and Camping

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American Sports Publishing Company, 1915 - Camping - 118 pages

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Page 59 - ... (c) When both are running free, with the wind on different sides, the vessel which has the wind on the port side shall keep out of the way of the other.
Page 57 - In a flying start, if any yacht, or any part of her hull or spars be on or across the line before the signal to start is made, she must return and re-cross the line ; a yacht so returning, or one working into position from the wrong side of the line after the signal to start has been made, must keep clear of all competing yachts.
Page 60 - ... then the latter shall, on being hailed by the former, at once give room ; and in case one yacht is forced to tack or bear away, in order to give room, the other shall also tack or bear away, as the case may be, at as near the same time as possible without danger of fouling.
Page 61 - . . . If a yacht, in consequence of her neglect of any of these rules, shall foul another yacht . . . she shall forfeit all claim to the prize, and shall pay all damages.
Page 60 - RULE XIV. ACCIDENTS. Each yacht shall render every possible assistance to any vessel or person in peril, and if in the judgment of the Regatta Committee she shall have thereby injured her chances of winning, they shall order the race resailed between such yacht and the winner in her class. RULE XV.
Page 59 - ... required side, then the outside yacht must give the inside yacht room to pass clear of the mark. A yacht shall not, however, be justified in attempting to establish an overlap and thus force a passage between another yacht and the mark after the latter yacht has altered her helm for the purpose of rounding.
Page 60 - RULE XIII. WRECKING OR SHIFTING OF A MARK. Should any mark be missing or moved from its proper position during a race, the Regatta Committee shall, if possible, replace it or substitute a boat with Code flag "0" hoisted, and call attention by gun or whistle. Failing thus to re-establish the mark, the race may be ordered resailed or not, at the option of the Regatta Committee. RULE XIV. ACCIDENTS. Each yacht shall render every possible assistance to any vessel or person in peril, and if in the judgment...
Page 57 - ... written or printed instructions as to the conditions of the race and the courses to be sailed. 2. The Regatta Committee may change the courses or amend the instructions, provided notice of such change is given to each yacht before the warning signal is made. RULE IX. AMENABLE TO RACING RULES. A yacht shall be amenable to the Racing Rules from the time the preparatory signal for her class is made, and shall continue so until her entire hull and spars have passed across the finish line. From the...
Page 58 - ... the other passing to leeward — the lee side to be considered that on which the leading yacht of the two carries her main boom. The overtaking vessel, if to leeward, must not luff until she has drawn clear ahead of the yacht she has overtaken.
Page 61 - Committee should keep in view the ordinary customs of the sea, and discourage all attempts to win a Race by other means than fair sailing and superior speed and skill.

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