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Alan Flurry, 2012
Playwright Toby Alameda begins a stint as creative director of the Cansville Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky, and sets about to reconstruct the story of his boyhood home and the extended family that had lived there. The structure itself had been expanded from a modest farmhouse where his family took in relatives during the Great Depression. By the time the young Toby was practicing archery in his upstairs bedroom two generations later, the great emptied house had so grown into his being that he hardly gave it any thought.

The folly of melding imagination and memory wends through the characters and local actors as the house comes to life upon the stage: the transvestite, Grey Calhoun, who will star as his beloved cousin, Virginia; Darling Forrest Nixon, wife of the theatre owner and aspiring muse to Toby; the old, empty LBJ Hotel where he rents a room on the top floor; and Charlotte Brown, maid in the hotel whose piano playing moves the play toward music and Toby toward the play's completion.

The plot of the novel is Toby's attempt to make up a story he already knows; it builds with the writing of the play and culminates in the day before the premiere of "The Big House."


In which the Train leaves the Station
In which Toby meets the Cansville Theatre and hears a voice from above
A Life
Wingside of the page inside the office of the Cansville
Toby gets a letter
Birth of a process agnostic
The soul of Charlotte Brown Chapter 8 How to stage a return the actual world through
imaginary one or The Cansville Marquee gets its V
Strange new guests at the Johnson Hotel
OPEN AUDITIONS July 19 10 am in the theatre Chapter 12 The Penfield Inn Outside Darling Forrest
Dean Fellows Hamlet and other tragedies
In which Toby gets reeled in flops around the boat
Na´vetÚ in all its ramparts or some of them
Preparations for the War and its Aftermath
Day Before Dead

Cleanliness as performance art

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