Cape Cod Stories

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A. L. Burt Company, 1907 - Fiction (American) - 291 pages
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Page 293 - It calls for no bodily exertion. It transports him into a livelier, and gayer, and more diversified and interesting scene, and while he enjoys himself there he may forget the evils of the present moment. Nay, it accompanies him to his next day's work, and gives him something to think of besides the mere mechanical drudgery of his every-day occupation — something he can enjoy while absent, and look forward with pleasure to return to.
Page 295 - Callahans and the Murphys. Kathleen Norris. Calling of Dan Matthews. Harold Bell Wright. Cape Cod Stories. Joseph C. Lincoln. Cap'n Dan's Daughter. Joseph C. Lincoln. Cap'n Eri. Joseph C. Lincoln. Cap'n Warren's Wards. Joseph C. Lincoln. Cardigan. Robert W. Chambers.
Page 298 - Hurst. Illustrious Prince, The. E. Phillips Oppenheim. In Another Girl's Shoes. Berta Ruck. Indifference of Juliet, The. Grace S. Richmond. Infelice. Augusta Evans Wilson. Initials Only. Anna Katharine Green. Innocent. Marie Corelli. Innocent Adventuress, The. Mary Hastings Bradley. Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu, The. Sax Rohmer. In the Brooding Wild. Ridgwell Cullum. In the Onyx Lobby. Carolyn Wells. Iron Trail, The. Rex Beach. Iron Woman, The. Margaret Deland. Ishmael. (111.) Mrs. Southworth. Isle of...
Page 293 - It transports him into a livelier, and gayer, and more diversified and interesting scene, and while he enjoys himself there he may forget the evils of the present moment, fully as much as if he were ever so drunk...
Page 296 - Star, The. Berta Ruck. Danger and Other .Stories. A. Conan Doyle. Dark Hollow. Anna Katharine Green. Daughter Pays, The. Mrs. Baillie Reynolds. Depot Master, The. Joseph C. Lincoln. Desert Healer, The. EM Hull. Destroying Angel, The. Louis Joseph Vance. (Photoplay Ed.).
Page 297 - Greyfriars Bobby. Eleanor Atkinson. Gun Brand, The. James B. Hendryx. Gun Runner, The. Arthur Stringer. Guns of the Gods. Talbot Mundy. Hand of Fu-Manchu, The. Sax Rohmer.
Page 297 - Bringers, The. Hulbert Footner. Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale. Frank L Packard, Galusha the Magnificent. Joseph C. Lincoln. Gaspards of Pine Croft, The. Ralph Connor, Gay Year, The. Dorothy Speare. Gift of the Desert Randall Parrish. Girl in the Mirror, The. Elizabeth Jordan. Girl from Kellers, The. Harold Bindloss. Girl Philippa, The. Robert W. Chambers. Girls at His Billet, The. Berta Ruck. Glory) Rides the Range. Ethel and James Dorrance.
Page 294 - Company imprint you are assured of wholesome, entertaining and instructive reading Adventures of Jimmie Dale. Frank L. Packard. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. A. Conan Doyle. Affair in Duplex 9B, The.
Page 297 - Fighting Shepherdess, The. Caroline Lockhart Financier, The. Theodore Dreiser. Fire Tongue. Sax Rohmer. Flaming Jewel, The. Robert W. Chambers. Flowing Gold. Rex Beach. Forbidden Trail, The. Honore Willsie. Forfeit, The. Ridgwell Cullum. Four Million, The. O. Henry. Foursquare. Grace S. Richmond. Four Stragglers, The. Frank L. Packard. Free Range Lanning. George Owen Baxter. From Now On. Frank L. Packard. \ Fui
Page 302 - William West Winter. Quest of the Sacred Slipper, The. Sax Rohmer. Quill's Window, George Barr McCutcheon. Rainbow's End, The. Rex Beach. Rainbow Valley. LM Montgomery. Ramshackle House. Hulbert Footner. Ranch at the Wolverine, The. BM Bower. Ranching for Sylvia. Harold Bindloss. Rangy Pete. Guy Morton. Raspberry Jam. Carolyn Wells. Reclaimers, The. .Margaret Hill McCarter. Re-Creation of Brian Kent, The. Harold Bell Wright. Red and Black. Grace S. Richmond. Red Pepper Burns. Grace S. Richmond. Red...

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