Carbureters ; Electric ignition devices ; Automobile and marine engine auxilaries ; Power-gas producers ; Management of automobile engines ; Management of marine gas engines ; Troubles and remedies ; Power determinations

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International Textbook Co., 1907 - Technology & Engineering
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Page 37 - P = mean effective pressure on piston in pounds per square inch, L = length of piston stroke in feet, A = area of piston in square inches, N = number of strokes of piston per minute.
Page 29 - Since the radius, or distance from the center of the shaft to the center of the crankpin, is 15 inches, the diameter of the circle it moves in is 15 inches X 2 = 30 inches = 2.5 feet.
Page 42 - So far we have reached the point in the cycle where there is only pure air in the cylinder. Just before the piston reaches the end of the compression stroke the heavy-oil fuel is injected into the combustion chamber through an injection nozzle, or sprayer, carried in the cylinder head, taking the place of the sparking plug in the petrol engine. The pressure at which the fuel is injected must necessarily, of course, be higher than the compression pressure and...
Page 16 - ... Storage Batteries Used for Ignition Purposes with Gasoline Engines. Sketch D shows connections for 550 volts. In this case five times as many lamps are needed as in A, connected in sets of five each, each set giving one half-ampere. Only direct current can be used in charging storage batteries. Be sure to connect the positive wire of the charging line with the positive terminal of the battery. Otherwise, damage to the battery will result. To determine which is the positive terminal of the charging...
Page 27 - The temperature of the air in the cylinder at the end of the compression stroke of a Diesel engine operating with a compression ratio of about 16 : 1 Is approximately 1000F.
Page 15 - The axle is made in two parts, with a gear on the end of each where the parts come together ; other gears mesh with both these axle gears and are driven from the engine by a sprocket and chain or by bevel gears and shaft. These gears turn the axle, but permit its two parts to turn in respect to each other so as to allow the automobile to go around a corner without causing the wheels to slide or skid. The rear wheels are each fixed to a half of the rear axle, and both receive power, hence it is necessary...
Page 9 - ... battery. The negative terminal of the secondary winding of the coil is connected to the battery terminal of the primary winding, and the positive secondary terminal is connected to the insulated member of the spark device, or spark plug, from which, after jumping over the gap /, the current returns to the coil by way of the engine framey and primary winding.
Page 34 - First, the method of ordinates. In this case the length of the diagram is divided into ten equal spaces, and ordinates are erected from the center of each space. The sum of the length of these various ordinates divided by the number gives the mean ordinate. This multiplied by the scale of the indicator spring gives the mean effective pressure. The sum of the ordinates is expeditiously obtained by successively transferring the length of each ordinate to a strip of paper and measuring its total length....
Page 58 - FIG- 37 coil i, the flow being now in the opposite direction to that of the momentary charging current. The discharge of the condenser is so sudden as to induce a very high momentary voltage in the secondary winding of the coil. 56. As one end of the secondary winding of the induction coil is connected to the primary winding, the secondary winding is grounded while the timer / is making contact. The other end of the secondary winding is connected by the cable n to the central terminal o of the high-tension...
Page 26 - The fuel is injected into the combustion chamber at the end of the compression stroke, when the air admitted during the suction stroke has been compressed to about 500 pounds per square inch. The fuel is injected into the highly compressed contents of the cylinder by means of air compressed to about 700 pounds per square inch, the air being furnished by a separate compressor driven by belt either from the engine or from a convenient shaft. The temperature of the air in the cylinder at...

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