Career and Conversation of John Swinton

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Why dont you try and give some account of the Life of this remarkable man, John Svinton said a well- known publisher to the writer. I am not a newspaper writer. No, but you can do that quite as well as a newspaper writer. Why should your account be in the shape of a newspaper article It might be a magazine article, or a short pamphlet-something one can read in an hour. Oh, I have too much to do in my own line just now- I have no time for such a thing. Well, if you dont, nobody else will. Why so It might prove a remunerative piece of work, and probably one of his own confreres on the press will do it-and do it better than I can. I dont know about that. I dont think so and, besides, there is too much jealousy among the men of the press. They can write better about anybody else than about one of their own craft. No man, you know, is a prophet in his own household. Now, you knew him better than any journalist now alive, and might give an account of him that would show the man as he was. That is very doubtful. But if I thought it would do any good- Do any good Why, it will do lots of good. Every young journalist and journalists are now legion, and every young man with a spark of intellectual life in him, will read it with aridity. No man ever knew him without being the better for it and no man will read his history without being the wiser for it. The proper study of mankind is man, you know. To many, that history will prove a revelation to others, a warning to others, an inspiration. You almost make me feel like trying it. I know that his life has been all three to me. Rut I feel that an abler pen than mine ought to do this work. Believe me, you could not employ your pen to better advantage.The memory of great editors, like that of great actors, dies with them. Their writings are read by the people of their day and generation, on whom they have an effect, and that is the end of them. So that if one who knew their spirit, their daily walk, their conversation, does not describe it, it will never be known.....

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