Carlos Santana: A Biography

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Carlos Santana: A Biography explores the life and music of this extraordinary guitarist, ranging from his professional beginnings--his first regular gig was at a Tijuana strip club--and early success in San Francisco to the definitive songs and albums of the 1970s, the commercial resurgence with 1999's Supernatural, his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and his current work with producer Bill Laswell.

Unlike other biographies, this book offers a comprehensive look at Santana's transitions through a variety of musical styles beyond rock, including blues, salsa, jazz, and world music. It also portrays Santana as very much a child of the eclectic musical culture of the 1960s, as well as showing the profound influence of the New Age movement on Santana's life and music.


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This is the book that I want to save in my libray.


Chapter 1 Its a Santana Family Affair
Chapter 2 Mexican Blues Arrive at Woodstock
Chapter 3 Costs of Fame and Fortune
Chapter 4 Trying on the Spirit of Jazz
Photo essay
Chapter 5 The Guitarist Bridging Contradictions
Chapter 6 Music and Family in Transition
Chapter 7 Leaving Marriage Sparking Controversy Reinventing His Style
Chapter 8 Carlos Santana as a Sixties Survivor
Interpretations and Rebounding Questions
Selected Discography
Selected Bibliography

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Norman Weinstein is an independent scholar with widely published books and articles in the areas of popular music, poetry and literary criticism, and architecture.

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