Carlotta's Intended: And Other Tales, Volume 3

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Harper and brothers, 1861 - 277 pages
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Page 330 - THE CRESCENT AND THE CROSS. BY ELIOT WARBURTON. " Independent of its value as an original narrative, and its useful and interesting Information, this work is remarkable for the colouring power and play of fancy with which its descriptions are enlivened. Among its greatest and most lasting charms is its reverent and serious spirit."— Quarterly Review.
Page 330 - A more judicious selection than Nathalie could not have been made for Messrs Hurst and Blackett's Standard Library. The series as it advances realises our first impression, that it will be one of lasting celebrity."— Literary GazMe. VOL. V.— A WOMAN'S THOUGHTS ABOUT WOMEN. BY THE AUTHOR OF
Page 332 - These popular sketches, in which the Author of ' Sam Slick ' paints Nova Scotian life, form the 12th Volume of Messrs Hurst and Blackett's Standard Library of Modern Works. The publications included in this Library have all been of good quality ; many give information while thev entertain, and of that class the book before us is a specimen.
Page 329 - This Is a very good and a very interesting work. It is designed to trace the career from boyhood to age of a perfect man — a Christian gentleman, and it abounds in incident both well and highly wrought. Throughout it is conceived in a high spirit, and written with great ability, better than any former work, we think, of its deservedly successful author. This cheap and handsome new edition is worthy to pass freely from hand to hand, as a gift book in many households.
Page 331 - Examiner. VI.— ADAM GRAEME. By MRS. OLIPHANT. "A story awakening genuine emotions of interest and delight by its admirable pictures of Scottish life and scenery. The author sets before us the essential attributes of Christian virtue, their deep and silent workings in the heart, and their beautiful manifestations in life, with a delicacy, power, and truth which can hardly be surpassed.
Page 331 - She writes from her own convictions, and she has the power not only to conceive clearly what it is that she wishes to say, but to express it in language effective and vigorous. In 'A Life for a Life ' she is fortunate in a good subject, and she has produced a work of strong effect. The reader having read the book through for the story, will be apt (if he be of our persuasion) to return and read again many pages aud passages with greater pleasure than on a first perusal.
Page 329 - This new and cheap edition of Sam Slick's popular work will be an acquisition to all lovers of wit and humour. Mr Justice Haliburton's writings are so well known to the English public that no commendation is needed. The volume is very handsomely bound and illustrated, and the paper and type are excellent. It is in every way suited for a library edition, and as the names of Messrs Hurst and Blackett warrant the character...
Page 329 - The new and cheaper edition of this interesting work will doubtless meet with great success. John Halifax, the hero of this most beautiful story, is no ordinary hero, and this his history is no ordinary book. It is a full-length portrait of a true gentleman, one of nature's own nobility. It is also the history of a homo, and a thoroughly English one.
Page 330 - Cross' — a work which surpasses all others in its homage for the sublime and its love fur the beautiful in those famous regions consecrated to everlasting immortality in the annals of the prophets — and which no other modern writer has ever depicted with a pencil at once so reverent and picturesque." — Sun. " In the mixture of story with anecdote, information and impression, it perhaps surpasses 'Eothen.

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