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Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1918 - Science

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Page 73 - In the production of the tectorial membrane each cell of the greater epithelial ridge may contribute an average of 25 fibrils to the membrane. Each fibril seems to show a slightly elongated enlargement at its junction with its cell. In the region of the immediate surface of the ridge...
Page 108 - The development of the cerebro-spinal spaces in pig and in man, Contributions to Embryology, v.
Page 51 - Siigefisches. 8vo pamph. Wurzburg. Ueber den Antheil der Chordascheide an der Bildung des Schadelgrundes der Squalidae. 8vo pamph. Wurzburg. Ueber die Entwicklung des Geruchsorganes beim Menschen und beim Hiinchnen. 8vo pamph. Wurzburg. 1860. Der Embryonale Schneckenkanal und seine Beziehungen zu den Theilen der fertigen Cochlea. Eine kurze Mittheilung. 8vo pamph. Wurzburg. 1861. Ueber die Grosse Verbreitung der " perforating fibres " von Sharkey. 8vo pamph. Wurzburg. 1860. EB Elliott. Preliminary...
Page 83 - Etudes histol. sur le labyrinth membraneux et plus spe"cialement sur le limacon chez les reptiles et les oiseau ( Histological Studies of the Membranous Labyrinth and in Particular on the Cochlea in Reptiles and Birds).
Page 53 - No. 1018, slide 32, section 2), enlarged 57 diameters. This section shows the topography of the cochlear duct and the general character of the periotic spaces that are developing along its inner margins.
Page 115 - It is not the purpose of this paper to enter into any discussion of the...
Page 119 - A short distance in front of this, in the axis of the blastoderm and at the posterior end of the primitive streak, lies the cloacal membrane.
Page 89 - In the embryological collection of over 1,600 specimens belonging to the Department of Embryology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, the only example is the one presented in this paper, No.

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