Carnegie Steel Company: Manufacturers of Bessemer and Open Hearth Steel of All Grades

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1903 - Steel, Structural - 187 pages
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Page 273 - CUBIC MEASURE 1728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard...
Page 225 - For all plates ordered to gauge, there will be permitted an average excess of weight over that corresponding to the dimensions on the order, equal in amount to that specified in the following table: TABLE OF ALLOWANCES FOR OVERWEIGHT FOR RECTANGULAR PLATES WHEN ORDERED TO GAUGE.
Page 221 - The variation in cross-section or weight of more than 2\ per cent from that specified will be sufficient cause for rejection, except in the case of sheared plates, which will be covered by the following permissible variations...
Page 171 - Special care must be taken that the projecting edges of the corrugated iron at the eaves and gable ends of the roof are well secured, otherwise the wind will loosen the sheets and fold them up. The corrugations are made of various sizes such as 5-inch, 2|-inch, IJ-inch and f-inch, the measurements always being from A to B in Fig.
Page 269 - AREA Triangle = base x half perpendicular height. Parallelogram = base x perpendicular height. Trapezoid = half the sum of the parallel sides x perpendicular height. Trapezium, found by dividing into two triangles. Circle = diameter squared x 0.7854; or, = circumference squared x 0.07958.
Page 223 - On tests cut from other material the test piece may be either the same as for sheared plates, or it may be planed or turned parallel throughout its entire length, and in all cases where possible, two opposite sides of the test piece shall be the rolled surfaces.
Page 219 - Material which is to be used without annealing or further treatment shall be tested in the condition in which it comes from the rolls.
Page 151 - Ibs. per square inch, while in the tables on rolled steel beams a fiber stress of 16,000 Ibs. was used. This reduction was made in order to amply compensate for the deterioration of the metal around the rivet holes from punching. Box girders should not be used in damp or exposed places, since the interior surfaces do not readily admit of repainting. EXAMPLE A 18-in.
Page 173 - IK in thick 16 • Roof covered with shingles, on laths 10 • Add to above, if plastered below rafters 10 ' Snow, light, weighs per cubic foot . . . . . . 5 to 12 ' For spans Over 75 ft. add 4 Ibs. to the above loads per square foot. It is customary to add S0 Ibs.
Page 224 - Ultimate strength, 52,000 to 62,000 pounds per square inch. Elastic limit, not less than one-half the ultimate strength. Elongation, 25 per cent.

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