Carny Sideshows:: Weird Wonders of The Midway

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Kensington Publishing Corp., Mar 1, 2010 - Reference - 240 pages
Step right up, Ladies and Germs, and feast your eyes on the incomparable wonders of a hidden world! Be astonished! amazed! disgusted! by brazen acts of self-destruction that no natural human body should be able to withstand!

Tony Gangi, professional magician, lifelong sideshow devotee, and card-carrying graduate of Coney Island's famed Sideshow School, guides you through the stupendous techniques and proud traditions of this shocking and fascinating realm of entertainment.

• Learn the secrets behind Breathing Fire! Sword Swallowing! The Bed of Nails! Pounding Spikes into the Head!

• Enter the mysterious worlds of the Snake Lady, the Human Blockhead, and more!

• Meet sideshow greats like Melvin Burkhart and Ward Hall.

• Discover today's dedicated entertainers, like Todd Robbins, Harley Newman, Tyler Fyre, Thrill Kill Jill, Donny Vomit, The Black Scorpion, and more!

• See what it takes to enter this underground yet welcoming world as a performer.

Features interviews with Penn Jillette and Todd Robbins and Penn Jillette's ode to the sideshow, the "10 in 1" monologue as performed by Penn & Teller

Editors's Note: Not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach or easily grossed out. So go ahead, how can you resist?!

Tony Gangi, a Philadelphia native, never actually intended to make his living by shoving nails up his nose. He left the corporate world to become a professional magician and proprietor of one of the few flea circuses remaining in the world ("Live fleas do, in fact, perform circus tricks," he says. They just need to be "trained the right way and treated with kindness.")

He's now mastered straightjacket escapes, fire-eating, and napping on a bed of nails. He is currently working on his presentation for walking barefoot on broken glass.

This is his first book. He hopes it is not his last.

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Sideshow School or After Four Years of College Youre Doing What???
Sideshow School Day One The Human Blockhead or How Stupid Do You Think I Am?
The Freakophiles Present Todd Robbins Charlatan Con Man and FreakAlive on the Inside
Sideshow School Day Two Lying on a Bed of Nails or Really Whats the Point?
The Freakophiles Present Harley Newman Nails Fishhooks Blades and PebblesYou Wont Believe Your Eyes
Sideshow School Day Three A Pyromaniacs Delight or No Really How Stupid Do You Think I Am?
The Freakophiles Present The Strange Tale of Tyler Fyre Thrill Kill Jill Love Luck and FireEatingAlive on Stage
The Freakophiles Present Bridging the Gap Between Then and Now Ward Hall the 999 Eyes Freakshow and Penn JilletteStep Right Up Step Right Up
Sideshow School Day Five SwordSwallowing or Down the Hatch Without Even a Little Scratch?
The Freakophiles Present Misfits in the Land of Misfits A Brief Snapshot of the ModernDay SideshowAlive On Stage Now
Graduation Ceremony and Egress
Sideshow Mentors Performers and Resources
Glossary of Carnival and Sideshow Terms and Lingo
Penn Jillettes 10in1 Script

Sideshow School Day Four Broken Glass and Animal Traps or Damn Thats Got to Hurt

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