Carranza and Mexico

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M. Kennerley, 1915 - Mexico - 234 pages

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Page 224 - PLAN. First. The elections for President and Vice President of the Republic, magistrates of the supreme court of justice of the nation, and deputies and senators, held in June and July of the current year, are declared void. Second. The present Government of Gen. Diaz is not recognized, as well as all the authorities whose power ought to emanate from .the popular vote, because, besides not having been elected by the people, they have lost the few titles of legality they might have by committing...
Page 225 - Indians, have been dispossessed of their lands by rulings of the department of public development (fomento) or by decisions of the tribunals, of the Republic. As it is just to restore to their former owners the lands of which they were dispossessed in such an arbitrary manner, such rulings and decisions are declared subject to revision, and those who have acquired them in such an immoral manner, or their heirs, will be required to restore them to their former owners, to whom they shall also pay an...
Page 74 - It was given to me by my mother when I was a little girl — Oh ! so long ago ! It has been my greatest treasure.
Page 226 - When the authorities offer armed resistance, they shall be compelled by force of arms to respect the popular will, but in this case the laws of war shall be rigorously observed, attention being especially called to the prohibition against the use of expansive bullets, nor shall prisoners be shot. Attention is also called to the duty of every Mexican to respect foreigners in their persons and interests.
Page 164 - My profound sympathy and affection for you make me fear that these men's intrigues might put an obstacle on the path that our Lord and Blessed Mother have put before you to climb to the culminating position of Chief Executive of the Republic, which position, will require of you the greatest sacrifice, but will at the same time lay before you a vast field in which to exercise your activity for the glory and honor of God and for the benefit of our beloved country.
Page 229 - As an indispensable requisite in the laws of war that belligerent troops wear some uniform or distinguishing mark, and as it would be difficult to uniform the numerous forces of the people who are going to take part in the conflict, a tricolored ribbon on the hat or on the arm shall be adopted as the distinguishing mark of all the liberating forces.
Page 229 - ... and its institutions. In so far as concerns me, I have a tranquil conscience, and no one can accuse me of promoting the revolution for personal ends, for it is within the knowledge of the nation that...
Page 225 - ... arbitrarily, such dispositions and decisions are declared subject to review. And those who acquired them [the lands] in such an immoral way, or their heirs, will be required to return them to the original owners, to whom they will also pay an indemnity for the damages suffered.
Page 55 - Tt being the part of justice to restore to their ancient possessors the lands of which they had been despoiled in a mode so arbitrary, such dispossessions and judgments are declared to be subject to revision, and it will be demanded of those who have acquired them in a mode so immoral, or from their heirs, that they should restore them to their primitive owners, to whom also they will pay an indemnity for the losses suffered. Only in the case where such lands have passed to a third party before the...
Page 222 - ... due form asked for the nullification of the election by the Chamber of Deputies, notwithstanding they recognized no legal origin in said body and knew beforehand that, as its members were not the representatives of the people, they would carry out the will of Gen. Diaz, to whom exclusively they owe their investiture. In such a state of affairs the people, who are the only sovereign, also protested energetically against the election in imposing manifestations in different parts of the Republic;...

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