Cassell's picturesque Australasia, Volume 1

Front Cover
Edward Ellis Morris
Cassell & Company, Limited, 1887 - History - 308 pages
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Page 4 - Solitude's. I see the deep's untrampled floor With green and purple seaweeds strown; I see the waves upon the shore, Like light dissolved in star-showers, thrown: I sit upon the sands alone — The lightning of the noontide ocean Is flashing round...
Page 74 - ... my plan of attack, as far as a man dare venture to guess at the very uncertain position the enemy may be found in : but it is to place you perfectly at ease respecting my intentions, and to give full scope to your judgment for carrying them into effect. We can, my dear Coll, have no little jealousies. We have only •one great object in view, that of annihilating our enemies, and getting a glorious peace for our country. No man has more confidence in another than I have in you ; and no man will...
Page 74 - Lord Nelson said to Captain Blackwood : " See how that noble fellow, Collingwood, takes his ship into action ! How I envy him ! '* The very same throb and impulse of heroic generosity was beating in Collingwood's honest bosom.
Page 88 - But if the truth must be told, our Viscount is somewhat of an impostor. Everything about him seems to betoken careless desolation ; any one would suppose from his manner that he was playing at chuck-farthing with human happiness; that he was always on the heel of pastime; that he would giggle away the great charter, and decide by the method of tee-totum whether my lords the bishops should or should not retain their seats in the House of Lords. All this is...
Page 2 - I DESPAIR of being able to convey to any reader my own idea of the beauty of Sydney Harbour. I have seen nothing equal to it in the way of land-locked sea scenery,—nothing second to it.
Page 4 - The breath of the moist earth is light, Around its unexpanded buds ; Like many a voice of one delight, The winds, the birds, the ocean floods, The City's voice itself is soft like Solitude's.
Page iv - They shall come from the east, and the west and from the north and the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.
Page 271 - God ! sir, it was a sight for a Sabbath morn that, I humbly implore Heaven, may never be seen again. Poor women crying for absent husbands, and children frightened into quietness. I, sir, write disinterestedly, and I hope my feelings arose from a true principle ; but when I looked at that scene, my soul revolted at such means being so cruelly used by a Government to sustain the law.
Page 88 - I am sorry to hurt any man's feelings, and to brush away the magnificent fabric of levity and gaiety he has reared ; but I accuse our Minister of honesty and diligence...
Page 271 - I recognised two others, but the spectacle was so ghastly that I feel a loathing at the remembrance. They all lay in a small space, with their faces upwards, looking like lead ; several of them were still heaving, and at every rise of their breasts, the blood spouted out of their wounds, or just bubbled out and trickled away. One man, a stout-chested fine fellow, apparently about forty years old, lay with a pike beside him ; he had three contusions in the head, three strokes across the brow, a bayonet...

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